Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis

Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis Author K. C. Chang
ISBN-10 0769500234
Year 1999-05-11
Pages 518
Language en
Publisher Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press

K.C. Chang presents an integrated approach to digital design principles, processes, and implementations to help the reader design increasingly complex systems within shorter design cycles. Chang introduces digital design concepts, VHDL coding, VHDL simulation, synthesis commands, and strategies together. Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis focuses on the ultimate product of the design cycle: the implementation of a digital design. Many of the design techniques and considerations illustrated in the text are examples of actual real-world designs. Unique features of the book include the following: VHDL code explained line by line to capture the logic behind the design concepts Simulation waveforms, synthesized schematics, and results are shown, verified, and analyzed VHDL code is synthesized and commands and strategies are discussed Variations on the design techniques and common mistakes are addressed Demonstrated standard cell, gate array, and FPGA three design processes, each with a complete design case study Test bench, post-layout verification, and test vector generation processes are illustrated

The She Code

The She Code Author Chris Marie Green
ISBN-10 9781937776596
Year 2013-08-15
Pages 275
Language en
Publisher The Knight Agency

“I suspected my friendship with Sheila was doomed on the night she blew my boyfriend....” Meet Mandy Halsey, fresh out of college and determined to go from being a receptionist at the assembly line comic book house where she works to being a real-live penciler by the end of the year. That’s the plan, anyway. But life isn’t cooperating. First, her job feels like a dead end. Second, her personal life isn’t exactly on fire, either, especially since her best friend seems to be moving in on every guy who catches Mandy’s eye. Is it just Mandy’s imagination or has Sheila totally changed since graduation, becoming someone who’s almost a stranger? No way, because the BFFs grew up with The She Code. See, girls have rules with each other, so surely the friend Mandy grew up with wouldn’t ever break the Code—and break Mandy’s heart at the same time... THE SHE CODE, a new adult/single girl/geek lit hybrid, is all about the bright side of angst—because there definitely is one! Featuring 35 sketches and comic panels by Billy Martinez of Neko Press Comics. "It’s sort of like 250 pages of therapy, only cheaper. And funnier.” – Sandra, Reads and Reviews

Languages in Contact and Contrast

Languages in Contact and Contrast Author Vladimir Ivir
ISBN-10 3110125749
Year 1991
Pages 502
Language en
Publisher Walter de Gruyter

The papers in this collection throw fresh light on the relation between language contact and contrastive linguistics. The book focuses equally on the mutual influence of linguistic systems in contact and on the language contrasts that govern the linguistic behaviour of the bilingual speaker.


TechOne Author Jack Erjavec
ISBN-10 0766811697
Year 2004-11-01
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

With more pertinent content than any other one-volume book on the subject, TechOne: Automatic Transmissions helps readers understand transmissions and related systems to facilitate effective diagnosis and service of automobiles. All NATEF tasks in the area of Automatic Transmissions are covered in easy-to-digest portions, allowing readers to master the basics before moving into more technical concepts. Engaging graphics augment the lesson-sized chapters that examine transmission gears, hydraulics, electrical theories, technician duties, safety, tools of the trade, and more. The end result is a comprehensive book that will allow readers to become more proficient in theory, diagnosis, service, and repair of automatic transmissions.

Verilog Digital System Design Register Transfer Level Synthesis Testbench and Verification

Verilog Digital System Design   Register Transfer Level Synthesis  Testbench  and Verification Author Zainalabedin Navabi
ISBN-10 0071445641
Year 2005-10-03
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional

This rigorous text shows electronics designers and students how to deploy Verilog in sophisticated digital systems design.The Second Edition is completely updated -- along with the many worked examples -- for Verilog 2001, new synthesis standards and coverage of the new OVI verification library.


Shifter Author Michael Beck
ISBN-10 9781601741172
Year 2011-06-01
Pages 381
Language en
Publisher Uncial Press

Jamie Race is on the run. Not surprising for the world's first shapeshifter. All that stands between Jaime and a lifetime of incarceration are his wits, his unique ability and two girls, Amy and Celeste. A clandestine government organisation, the Company, killed his mother and is pursuing him relentlessly. Things couldn't get much worse.Wrong.To complicate matters, Jamie suddenly develops the ability to change into females. How does a nineteen year old boy of limited sexual experience cope when he suddenly finds that a macho biker who saves his life has the hots for him? Or rather, her. What is his circus star girlfriend, Celeste, going to say when she learns out that he slept with a biker? Not to mention the gay martial arts instructor, Amy, who falls for him when he is a girl... Jamie seeks refuge with Theo Tanis, a millionaire businessman with a secret life. His first mistake is discovering Theo's deadly passion. His second was falling for Theo's super model girlfriend, Samantha. He soon learns it isn't wise to piss off a serial killer. Jamie leads Theo and Dr Locke, the Company's ruthless scientist, on a wild and hair raising chase through the wilds of outback Australia, with his freedom and his life at stake.

Sequential Logic and Verilog HDL Fundamentals

Sequential Logic and Verilog HDL Fundamentals Author Joseph Cavanagh
ISBN-10 9781498738231
Year 2015-09-18
Pages 846
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Sequential Logic and Verilog HDL Fundamentals discusses the analysis and synthesis of synchronous and asynchronous sequential machines. These machines are implemented using Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL), in accordance with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard: 1364-1995. The book concentrates on sequential logic design with a focus on the design of various Verilog HDL projects. Emphasis is placed on structured and rigorous design principles that can be applied to practical applications. Each step of the analysis and synthesis procedures is clearly delineated. Each method that is presented is expounded in sufficient detail with accompanying examples. Many analysis and synthesis examples use mixed-logic symbols incorporating both positive- and negative-input logic gates for NAND (not AND) and NOR (not OR) logic, while other examples utilize only positive-input logic gates. The use of mixed logic parallels the use of these symbols in the industry. The book is intended to be a tutorial, and as such, is comprehensive and self-contained. All designs are carried through to completion—nothing is left unfinished or partially designed. Each chapter contains numerous problems of varying complexity to be designed by the reader using Verilog HDL design techniques. The Verilog HDL designs include the design module, the test bench module that tests the design for correct functionality, the outputs obtained from the test bench, and the waveforms obtained from the test bench. Sequential Logic and Verilog HDL Fundamentals presents Verilog HDL with numerous design examples to help the reader thoroughly understand this popular hardware description language. The book is designed for practicing electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists; for graduate students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science; and for senior-level undergraduate students.

From a Far Country

From a Far Country Author Catharine Randall
ISBN-10 9780820338200
Year 2011
Pages 186
Language en
Publisher University of Georgia Press

In From a Far Country Catharine Randall examines Huguenots and their less-known cousins the Camisards, offering a fresh perspective on the important role these French Protestants played in settling the New World. The Camisard religion was marked by more ecstatic expression than that of the Huguenots, not unlike differences between Pentecostals and Protestants. Both groups were persecuted and emigrated in large numbers, becoming participants in the broad circulation of ideas that characterized the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Atlantic world. Randall vividly portrays this French Protestant diaspora through the lives of three figures: Gabriel Bernon, who led a Huguenot exodus to Massachusetts and moved among the commercial elite; Ezéchiel Carré, a Camisard who influenced Cotton Mather’s theology; and Elie Neau, a Camisard-influenced writer and escaped galley slave who established North America’s first school for blacks. Like other French Protestants, these men were adaptable in their religious views, a quality Randall points out as quintessentially American. In anthropological terms they acted as code shifters who manipulated multiple cultures. While this malleability ensured that French Protestant culture would not survive in externally recognizable terms in the Americas, Randall shows that the culture’s impact was nonetheless considerable.


Shifter Author Aubrey Ross
ISBN-10 9781419917424
Year 2016-04-15
Language en
Publisher Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc

Sensual Captivity, Book Two. Mal Ton Adoha, a powerful shapeshifter, has spent his life fighting for the freedom of his people. He is ruthless and unconventional, willing to use any weapon at his disposal, including his sexuality. The last thing he expects when he rescues a group of humans is a spirited beauty who sets his senses on fire. His life is complicated enough without a contrary female, but he is tantalized by her smell, her taste, the sleekness of her skin. His body demands her touch. There is no other option—he will become her Master. Years in the military have taught Lorelle to be tough, ambitious. She is determined to resist Mal Ton regardless of how badly she burns for his touch. She was dragged to another world against her will. Now she refuses to be a pawn in their irrational war. Lorelle knows she shouldn't trust Mal Ton, but she's drawn to him again and again. Only in his arms can she make sense of the conflict. Only together can they hope to survive.

Honda K Series Engine Swaps

Honda K Series Engine Swaps Author Aaron Bonk
ISBN-10 9781613251034
Year 2014-07-15
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher CarTech Inc

The Honda K-Series engine was introduced in 2001, replacing the B-Series as the engine of choice for Honda enthusiasts. These new K-Series engines are the most powerful stock Honda/Acura engines you can get. They featured new technology such as a roller rocker valvetrain, better flowing heads, and advanced variable cam timing technology that made these engines suddenly the thing to have. And that's where the engine swappers come in. In Honda K-Series Engine Swaps, author Aaron Bonk guides you through all the details, facts, and figures you will need to complete a successful K-Series swap into your older chassis. All the different engine variants are covered, as well as interchangeability, compatibility, which accessories work, wiring and controls operation, drivetrain considerations, and more. While you can still modify your existing B-Series, dollar for dollar, you can't make more power than you can with a Honda K-Series engine. If you have an older chassis and are looking for a serious injection of power and technology, swapping a K-Series engine is a great option. Honda K-Series Engine Swaps will tell you everything you need to know.