Optical Code Division Multiple Access

Optical Code Division Multiple Access Author Ken-ichi Kitayama
ISBN-10 9781107026162
Year 2014-04-10
Pages 357
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

A self-contained guide to OCDMA for Next-Generation FTTH systems, from the fundamentals to cutting-edge research and practical perspectives.

Other People s English

Other People s English Author Vershawn Ashanti Young
ISBN-10 9780807772539
Year 2014-12-05
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Teachers College Press

This book presents an empirically grounded argument for a new approach of teaching writing to diverse students in the English language arts classroom. Responding to advocates of the “code-switching” approach, four uniquely qualified authors make the case for “code-meshing”—allowing students to use standard English, African American English, and other Englishes in formal academic writing and classroom discussions. This practical resource translates theory into a concrete roadmap for pre- and in-service teachers who wish to use code-meshing in the classroom to extend students’ abilities as writers and thinkers and to foster inclusiveness and creativity. The text provides activities and examples from middle and high schools as well as college and addresses the question of how to advocate for code-meshing with skeptical administrators, parents, and students. Book Features: A rationale for the social and educational value of code-meshing, including answers to frequently asked questions about language variation. Authors from the fields of linguistics, writing studies, English education, and teacher education.Teaching tips that have been used with students and in professional development workshops.Action plans that invite readers to make code-meshing a shared project that informs instructional practices and addresses cultural prejudices. “This book is a beautiful blend of theory, linguistics research, practical classroom applications, and maybe most important (not ‘most importantly’ if you know the rules of Standard English), it’s a conversation, not in your face, not a demand for conversion, but a conversation based on personal experiences, classroom experiences, and decades of research and scholarship.” —From the Foreword by Victor Villanueva, Regents Professor, Washington State University “Other People’s English demonstrates the possibilities of a Twenty-First Century pedagogy for Ebonics-speaking students, other students who speak marginalized English varieties, and ultimately all students. The authors make a persuasive case and are to be commended for shedding new light on an old problem. Their work takes the literacy field to the next level. Would I buy this book and recommend it to others? No doubt.” —Geneva Smitherman, University Distinguished Professor Emerita of English and African American and African Studies, Michigan State University

Relentless Tiger Shifter Romance

Relentless Tiger  Shifter Romance Author Kit Fawkes
Year 2017-08-16
Pages 158
Language en
Publisher Amourisa Press

When Lex is taken from her teammates, she expects to be eliminated or harvested for Project Enhanced. Instead, Lt. Col. Jasper Caswell, leader of the black ops group pursuing them, has marked her as his mate. It’s a fate worse than death, and she is desperate to escape. The mysterious and handsome Aidan, who works in support services, seems like her best chance of doing so. With his help, she discovers what the group really wants from the shifters who have eluded them. She thinks she has also found her mate, but Caswell is determined to claim her. To have any kind of future together, they’ll have to find a way out of the secret base—and counter the mating bite on her neck that allows Caswell to track her… “Coyote Marked” picks up just shortly after events in “Relentless Tiger,” and it’s highly recommended you read that before reading this book. I attempted to make this book function as a standalone, but reading all parts in order will enhance your reading enjoyment.

Languages in Contact and Contrast

Languages in Contact and Contrast Author Vladimir Ivir
ISBN-10 3110125749
Year 1991
Pages 502
Language en
Publisher Walter de Gruyter

The papers in this collection throw fresh light on the relation between language contact and contrastive linguistics. The book focuses equally on the mutual influence of linguistic systems in contact and on the language contrasts that govern the linguistic behaviour of the bilingual speaker.

Dictionary of Computer Science Engineering and Technology

Dictionary of Computer Science  Engineering and Technology Author Philip A. Laplante
ISBN-10 0849326915
Year 2000-12-21
Pages 560
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

A complete lexicon of technical information, the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology provides workable definitions, practical information, and enhances general computer science and engineering literacy. It spans various disciplines and industry sectors such as: telecommunications, information theory, and software and hardware systems. If you work with, or write about computers, this dictionary is the single most important resource you can put on your shelf. The dictionary addresses all aspects of computing and computer technology from multiple perspectives, including the academic, applied, and professional vantage points. Including more than 8,000 terms, it covers all major topics from artificial intelligence to programming languages, from software engineering to operating systems, and from database management to privacy issues. The definitions provided are detailed rather than concise. Written by an international team of over 80 contributors, this is the most comprehensive and easy-to-read reference of its kind. If you need to know the definition of anything related to computers you will find it in the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis

Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis Author K. C. Chang
ISBN-10 0769500234
Year 1999-05-11
Pages 518
Language en
Publisher Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press

K.C. Chang presents an integrated approach to digital design principles, processes, and implementations to help the reader design increasingly complex systems within shorter design cycles. Chang introduces digital design concepts, VHDL coding, VHDL simulation, synthesis commands, and strategies together. Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis focuses on the ultimate product of the design cycle: the implementation of a digital design. Many of the design techniques and considerations illustrated in the text are examples of actual real-world designs. Unique features of the book include the following: VHDL code explained line by line to capture the logic behind the design concepts Simulation waveforms, synthesized schematics, and results are shown, verified, and analyzed VHDL code is synthesized and commands and strategies are discussed Variations on the design techniques and common mistakes are addressed Demonstrated standard cell, gate array, and FPGA three design processes, each with a complete design case study Test bench, post-layout verification, and test vector generation processes are illustrated

The She Code

The She Code Author Chris Marie Green
ISBN-10 9781937776596
Year 2013-08-15
Pages 275
Language en
Publisher The Knight Agency

“I suspected my friendship with Sheila was doomed on the night she blew my boyfriend....” Meet Mandy Halsey, fresh out of college and determined to go from being a receptionist at the assembly line comic book house where she works to being a real-live penciler by the end of the year. That’s the plan, anyway. But life isn’t cooperating. First, her job feels like a dead end. Second, her personal life isn’t exactly on fire, either, especially since her best friend seems to be moving in on every guy who catches Mandy’s eye. Is it just Mandy’s imagination or has Sheila totally changed since graduation, becoming someone who’s almost a stranger? No way, because the BFFs grew up with The She Code. See, girls have rules with each other, so surely the friend Mandy grew up with wouldn’t ever break the Code—and break Mandy’s heart at the same time... THE SHE CODE, a new adult/single girl/geek lit hybrid, is all about the bright side of angst—because there definitely is one! Featuring 35 sketches and comic panels by Billy Martinez of Neko Press Comics. "It’s sort of like 250 pages of therapy, only cheaper. And funnier.” – Sandra, Reads and Reviews

Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32437121416198
Year 1983
Language en

Special edition of the Federal Register, containing a codification of documents of general applicability and future effect ... with ancillaries.

Verilog Designer s Library

Verilog Designer s Library Author Bob Zeidman
ISBN-10 9780132441582
Year 1999-06-15
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Pearson Education

Ready-to-use building blocks for integrated circuit design. Why start coding from scratch when you can work from this library of pre-tested routines, created by an HDL expert? There are plenty of introductory texts to describe the basics of Verilog, but Verilog Designer's Library is the only book that offers real, reusable routines that you can put to work right away. Verilog Designer's Library organizes Verilog routines according to functionality, making it easy to locate the material you need. Each function is described by a behavioral model to use for simulation, followed by the RTL code you'll use to synthesize the gate-level implementation. Extensive test code is included for each function, to assist you with your own verification efforts. Coverage includes: Essential Verilog coding techniques Basic building blocks of successful routines State machines and memories Practical debugging guidelines Although Verilog Designer's Library assumes a basic familiarity with Verilog structure and syntax, it does not require a background in programming. Beginners can work through the book in sequence to develop their skills, while experienced Verilog users can go directly to the routines they need. Hardware designers, systems analysts, VARs, OEMs, software developers, and system integrators will find it an ideal sourcebook on all aspects of Verilog development.

The Communication Theory Reader

The Communication Theory Reader Author Paul Cobley
ISBN-10 0415147174
Year 1996
Pages 506
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

The Communication Theory Reader presents the most important work which has shaped the field of communication studies & samples a range of theories from the disciplines of linguistics, literary theory, semiotics, philosophy, film theory & psychoanalysis.

Indian Diaspora

Indian Diaspora Author Amarjit Singh
ISBN-10 9789462094673
Year 2014-02-07
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

This book celebrates both the past and present existence of the Indian diasporic grandparents who live their daily lives in different countries – the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Fiji, Mauritius, Australia, Suriname and Malaysia – and in different economic, social, cultural, religious contexts and specific household and family situations. The achievements of the few rich and the famous Indians living in diaspora have been given the celebratory treatment; similar status is not often given to the achievements of the diasporic Indian grandparents. However, “the vanquished and the victors, the subalterns and the sahibs, have equal claims on our attention ... clearly there are areas where Indian communities have been settled for long periods of time ... without having a significant effect on the countries of their residence ... [but] they, too are integral parts of the diaspora” (Brij Lal, Peter Reeves & Rajesh Rai, 2006, p. 15). This book is about voices of contemporary Indian grandparents and their grand parenting practices. The diasporic Indian grandparents are engaged in keeping diverse “Indian families” and “communities” as strong as possible in the current era of globalization process and social policy initiatives that are dominated by the ideology of neo-liberalism. This book claims that the diasporic Indian grandparents have significant effects on the countries of their residence and too are integral parts of the Indian diaspora who deserve the celebratory treatment and status. The book can be used for courses in the areas of critical social work, family studies, gerontology, nursing, rural development, critical pedagogy, and diaspora studies. “A veritable archive of stories, anecdotes, memories and reminiscences, of love, longing and search for a legacy, by diasporic Indian grandparents across the globe as they transgress boundaries in a socially porous world, negotiate generational differences complicated by the realities of modern living, cross cultures and seek to preserve connections between the past, the present and the future. A necessary contribution to the growing literature in the life of the Indian diaspora.” Brij V. Lal Professor of Pacific and Asian History, The Australian National University & General Editor, Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora