Crystals and Stones

Crystals and Stones Author Group of 5
ISBN-10 9781556439186
Year 2010
Pages 287
Language en
Publisher North Atlantic Books

"New Age readers will love this definitive guide to more than 190 stones and crystals and their impact on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of individuals"--Provided by publisher.

Little Big Book of Crystals and Stones

Little Big Book of Crystals and Stones Author Connie Islin
ISBN-10 965494037X
Year 1999-04
Pages 72
Language en
Publisher Astrolog

A wealth of information is contained in this series of compact guides to new age methods of self-help, healing, and renewal. Addressing methods of self-exploration, from dream interpretation to the I Ching, and avenues of healing for the self and others, such as Bach Flower Remedies and chakras, these guides introduce novices to an array of life-changing techniques in a concise and readable manner.

101 Power Crystals

101 Power Crystals Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781592334902
Year 2011-10-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Fair Winds Press (MA)

The definitive resource for working with powerful crystals! Sparkling, luminous, and colorful, it is no wonder crystals have always been regarded as a source of power from ancient times to present day. But with the enormous number of crystals now on the market, it is difficult to choose exactly the right stone. In 101 Power Crystals, internationally renowned crystal expert Judy Hall brings together 101 crystals that are powerful across a wide spectrum of uses and suitable for all types of user. Not all crystals suit everyone, and the selection has been specially chosen to offer alternatives and new possibilities that may not have been thought of before. This distinctive collection includes high vibration crystals that experienced crystal practitioners will want to explore as well as those with earthier vibrations that are suited to beginners or those developing their sensitivities. It also features some rare and recently discovered crystals and stones that have not been included in any other volume, such as Aurora Quartz, Que Sera, Trigonic Quartz, and Preseli Bluestone. Each entry covers the history, mythology, and symbolism of the crystal in addition to its healing properties and environmental effects. There are crystals and stones for love, health, protection, abundance, and many other powers.

Crystals R For Kids

Crystals R For Kids Author
ISBN-10 9781622335749
Year 1999-12-12
Language en
Publisher Light Technology Publishing

A wonderful workbook for children including information on how to choose, program and cleanse the crystal or stone, the energies and healing properties of the more popular stones and mediation and healing exercises a child can do by him/herself, or with friends and family.

The Magic of Crystals and Gems

The Magic of Crystals and Gems Author Cerridwen Greenleaf
ISBN-10 9781633535343
Year 2017-01-03
Language en
Publisher Mango Media Inc.

Did you know that wearing an amulet of green jade on an interview will help get the job? Have you heard that an amethyst ring can help break bad habits and even encourage sobriety? Anyone looking for love can place two pink quartz crystals in the bedroom; you’ll not be alone for long! These are just a few of the hundreds of secrets shared here in this definitive guide to the enchanted world of crystals. Semi-precious stones and gems have long been known for their magic as well as their beauty. In this book of charms, readers learn everything there is to know about the powers of crystals from birthstone magic to gem divination to jewelry spells. This is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening book that will appeal to everyone who's ever worn a birthstone, kissed the ring of a lover for luck, or bought a crystal for good energy. The Magic of Crystals and Gems is a treasure chest filled with the ancient wisdom of crystals. It is also a handy-how-to is filled with little-known lore along with the myth, meanings and specific magical qualities of hundreds of crystals, both common and very rare including many meteorites. Author Cerridwen Greenleaf shares secrets to how and why crystal balls work, scrying with obsidian, crystal astrology, divination, healing, psychism and connections between the stars in the sky and gems of the earth. This one-of-a-kind work on the power of crystals will help readers understand which ones are right for them and how to unlock the mystery of sacred stones. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in the magical gifts of Mother Nature.

Celtic Crystal Magick

Celtic Crystal Magick Author Rhuddlwm Gawr
ISBN-10 9780595230273
Year 2002-05-01
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Celtic Crystal Magick: Volume One Stones for Healing introduces the reader to the World of Magick Crystals and Gemstones and reveals the Crystal Knowledge of the Druids…includes healing, balancing and cleansing. Describes over 30 varieties of Crystals and Gemstones with their physical and psychic descriptions. There are chapters on Crystals, Atlantis and Magickal uses.

Crystal Healing 2012 and Beyond

Crystal Healing  2012 and Beyond Author Barbara S. Delozier, Msc.D.
ISBN-10 1452532931
Year 2011-03-15
Pages 184
Language en
Publisher BalboaPress

Rocks, crystals and stones are sentient and hold within themselves an energy that communes with us. They can heal, help and make our lives more livable in a most basic way ~ all we need to do is listen to what they have to say. Crystal Healing: 2012 And Beyond is a comprehensive guide to discovering this New Age resource.

Magic Crystals Sacred Stones

Magic Crystals  Sacred Stones Author Melusine Draco
ISBN-10 9781780991375
Year 2012
Pages 185
Language en
Publisher John Hunt Publishing

Discover magical and sacred uses of the crystals, minerals and rocks that make up your part of the world.

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners Author Corrine Kenner
ISBN-10 9780738716961
Year 2011-11-08
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Llewellyn Worldwide

Crystals for Beginners makes it easy to learn about crystals and how to use their positive energy in a variety of practical ways. This friendly introductory guide explores crystal magic, folklore, and wisdom. It features an alphabetical guide to crystals, along with advice on collecting, cleansing, and charging them. Handy reference charts help you quickly find information on birthstones, zodiac stones, precious metals, and more. You can empower, clarify, and illuminate your life with the help of these beautiful gems. Balance body, mind, and spirit Calm and center emotions Tap into inner wisdom Amplify and focus energy Experience richer dreams Develop intuition and creativity

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Author Sibyl Ferguson
ISBN-10 1578633486
Year 2005-06-30
Pages 82
Language en
Publisher Weiser Books

Ferguson's sound scholarship and informative style helps readers understand the art of using 'seeing stones' or Shewstones, as they were called in the Bible, as a tool for enhancing daily life. Healers, shamans, witch doctors, and medicine men and women have been using stones for divination since time immemorial. In addition to the history and instructions on how to use crystals, Ferguson offers advice on which stones to use for specific purposes.

Crystals Jewels Stones

Crystals  Jewels  Stones Author Isidore Kozminsky
ISBN-10 9780892545773
Year 2012-05-01
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Nicolas-Hays, Inc.

This book provides an exhaustive and comprehensive study of the lore and science of precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. Crystals have commanded the attention of thinkers, artists, mystics, magicians, astrologers, alchemists, and all who appreciate beauty. Intimately and mysteriously formed in the fires of Earth’s inner essence, what is the meaning of these exquisitely shaped and colored gifts of the sacred bounty of Nature. Occultist Isidore Kozminsky explores the use of precious and semi-precious stones in fields as far flung as healing and design, practical esoteric energy channeling and decoration, as well as in powerful magical talismans by which specific energies may be invoked, and as artistic objects of great beauty. Inspiring mythic tales are balanced with practical instructions and knowledge about the astrological sympathies of crystals and the energy work and healing properties associated with all the major categories of precious stones. From Plato to Leonardo da Vinci, Kozminsky traces crystal lore through the researches of astrologers, magi, alchemists and Hermetic philosophers--all of whom explored the use of stones in the Universal Order and Harmony of the natural world.

The Book of Stones Revised Edition

The Book of Stones  Revised Edition Author Robert Simmons
ISBN-10 9781583949092
Year 2015-03-10
Pages 560
Language en
Publisher North Atlantic Books

Often dubbed the "crystals bible," this comprehensive reference guide to the spiritual and healing qualities of 455 sacred stones has become the go-to book for looking up the properties of gems and minerals. Each entry includes vivid color photographs for each stone to aid identification and to showcase its beauty, as well as listing its scientific information, its element and chakra correspondences, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of each stone. Illustrated by gorgeously lit, clear color photos to aid quick identification, the book offers an illuminating alphabetical journey through the mineral kingdom, stone by stone. This new edition of The Book of Stones, the best-selling guide to some of Earth's most beautiful natural objects, is revised to include 76 new entries. The book begins with two introductory chapters detailing advice by authors Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons on how to work with crystals and stones--including the concept of crystal resonance and the scientific observation that living organisms (such as ourselves) are liquid crystalline structures. Each entry begins with the stone name and photo, plus its elemental and chakra correspondences, as well as keywords that indicate its properties. Next comes a description of the crystal structure, hardness, history, and known locations of each mineral, plus any relevant legend or lore from the past. Each author then offers their own take and personal insights on the subtle energy properties and spiritual applications of the stone. The entries conclude with summaries of the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing qualities of the stone, and an affirmation for evoking its potential benefits. The book's presentation is straightforward enough to make it an excellent introduction for beginners, yet the level of detail and the depth of research make it an invaluable resource for the most experienced stone practitioners. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Gemstones A to Z

Gemstones A to Z Author Diane Stein
ISBN-10 9780307817792
Year 2012-05-02
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Crossing Press

Legendary healer Diane Stein shares her extensive knowledge of gemstones in this concise agate-to-zircon reference. Each listing includes the stone's common name, its corresponding color and chakra, and a concise resume of its healing properties. Stein suggests ways to use stones to support physical and psychic well-being, by simply carrying one in a hand or pocket, wearing it as jewelry, or engaging in more advanced practices like the "laying on of stones." She also presents a glossary of terms designed for beginning students of metaphysical healing practices, and teaches how to clear, dedicate, and maintain crystals to maximize their beneficial effects. A quick reference to 550 gemstones and crystals (including many that are new to the marketplace), and their special healing properties and most helpful applications. Includes diagrams of the Kundalini (physical) and Hara Line (emotional) chakra healing systems for simplified cross-referencing with the stones. Diane Stein's books have sold more than half a million copies and are available in six languages.

Energy Mandalas of Crystals and Stones

Energy Mandalas of Crystals and Stones Author Gail Alexander
ISBN-10 0692781455
Year 2016-09-18
Pages 106
Language en
Publisher Ibbilane Press

As you can guess by the title of this book, I have an important partnership with crystals and stones as many of us do here on earth right now. I once heard that those of us who like to wear crystals are from Atlantis and we intuitively understand the energy and how to harness it. Crystals and stones have become such an integral part of who I am, so, of course I would create a book of the mandala energy of crystals and stones. The shear speed that some of these images came through was surprising. I created eighteen of these images in two days. . . interesting. The first crystal I ever bought was actually a piece of jewelry. I did not know what I was buying. I was 12 years old and on a cruise with my family. We were in a jewelry store in St Thomas and I fell in love with this light blue stone in the shape of a sharks tooth. I could not stop starring at it and I knew I was supposed to have it. Years later, I found out it was Larimar. That was the first crystal/stone I ever bought and started a fascination with crystals and stones, which I still have today. Other than jewelry the first crystal I purchased was a yellow calcite sphere. I was at an Expo and this crystal would not leave my hands. It was literally talking to me; I could feel the energy exchange between this crystal sphere and myself. I was fascinated and enthralled with it. The woman selling the sphere said it was obvious that this sphere was for you, and yes, it came home with me. I would like to say my fascination with crystals and stones has lessened but it has not. I am sure I own enough to open my own store. Each one has a story and an energy that seems important to my journey. I feel the pull to bring them home, and as I have mentioned do bring them home. Am I Hoarding or collecting? I have not decided as of yet.

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals Stones

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals   Stones Author Uma Silbey
ISBN-10 9781510709706
Year 2016-11-15
Pages 344
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

For centuries, ancient cultures referred to crystals as the veins of the earth, frozen liquid, and frozen light. Uma Silbey unlocks the secrets of these remarkable storehouses for earth’s energy to reveal their remarkable effects on personal power, self-enhancement, and healing. In this ultimate guide, she describes how you can channel the subtle forces within a crystal to empower your meditations, direct your thoughts, energize your body, and unleash a lifelong flow of creative and physical energy. From selecting the right crystal and “programming” it for your personal use to special techniques and exercises to heighten your abilities, Silbey guides you on the path to self-mastery. In The Ultimate Guide to Crystals and Stones, Silbey provides information on: Different colors, shapes, and properties of quartz crystals and stones How to wear crystals and stones to take advantage of their protective powers How to heighten your crystal experience through visualization and meditation Insights into crystal gazing and crystal ball reading How crystals facilitate night dreaming and astral projection Crystal and stone techniques that can be used for healing physically, mentally, and emotionally And more!