Earth Fire Water Air

Earth  Fire  Water  Air Author Helen Topliss
ISBN-10 9781741153804
Year 2000-09-01
Pages 376
Language en
Publisher Allen & Unwin

Earth, Fire, Water, Air is a collection of letters written by Anne Dangar to her soul-sister and fellow artist, Grace Crowley. For all those who loved Stravinsky's Lunch, this book is a must, charting the history of Australian modern art, and one remarkable woman's personal journey through that history. Like many Australian artists, Dangar decided she needed to move overseas to live a life of art. She was forty years old when she became a disciple of the cubist painter Albert Gleizes and joined small artists' community in the village of Sablons in France. Life there was full of hardship. The winters were difficult and the house lacked even the most basic amenities. In her letters, Dangar wryly describes her self-subsistence farming and bee-keeping, commenting that on arrival at Sablons she gave up the paintbrush for the spade. In the process, she discovered a new art in combining traditional French pottery with decorations based on cubism and Gleizes' theories on design. The war made life even harder than previously, but Dangar was undeterred and filled with admiration for the French Resistance. In 1948 she finally realised her dream of establishing a pottery studio. Dangar writes with a disingenuous enthusiasm on subjects ranging through painting, potting, Medieval and modern art, colour, other artists, poverty, spiritual beliefs, clothes, cats, the life of surrounding villages, her pupils, the seasons. Her loneliness, to which she freely and frequently confesses, leads her to pour out her heart to Crowley without inhibition. In this part of central France, Dangar was considered a saint and Gleizes called her his spiritual daughter. This is he story of an artist who truly lived her art.


Earthfire Author Robert Simmons
ISBN-10 0962191027
Year 2000-01-01
Pages 314
Language en
Publisher Heaven & Earth Books

"No one could have guessed that the Earthfire, the energy destined to awaken humanity, would spark to life in the vacant apartment above The Missing Link, an unassuming little book store and crystal shop. When it did, Will Lerner and his wife Helen stepped across a threshold that led them down a synchronistic path to astonishing spiritual experiences and confrontations with all-too-human enemies."--Cover.

Georgia Through Earth Fire Air and Water

Georgia Through Earth  Fire  Air and Water Author Michael Berman
ISBN-10 9781780992716
Year 2012-04-26
Pages 173
Language en
Publisher John Hunt Publishing

Despite being located on the extreme eastern boundary of Europe, and having been frequently conquered by invading people from Asia, including Arabs, Turks, Persians, Mongols, and more recently Russians, Georgians still regard themselves very much as Europeans and it is to becoming a future member state of the EU that the majority of the people now aspire. As for the traditional folk-tales from the region, one of their main characteristics is that they are packed with action: Whilst a written, “literary” novel or short story might devote paragraphs to descriptions of people or places, these tales usually settle for an adjective or two; “a thick impassable forest”, “a handsome stately man”, or a formula such as“not-seen-beneath-the-sun beauty”. Many of the heroes and heroines do not even have names (Hunt, 1999, p.8) Safely cocooned, or so we like to kid ourselves, in our sanitised western urban environment, we tend to take the elements for granted. However, tales from a time when the Earth was new help to jolt us out of our daily lethargy, as do the stories in this collection – a number of which have never been translated from Georgian direct into English before.

Earth Fire Water Air

Earth  Fire  Water  Air Author Mary Hoffman
ISBN-10 0525454209
Year 1995
Pages 76
Language en
Publisher Dutton Childrens Books

The ancient philosophy of the world as made up of four elements--earth, fire, water, and air--becomes a contemporary entreaty for respect for the natural world and our place in it.


Earthfire Author Charles Rosenfeld
ISBN-10 0262680440
Year 1984-09
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher MIT Press (MA)

The authors trace the worldwide chains of cause and effect beyond Mount St. Helens, profiling other stratovolcanoes of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest - mountains that have been active and may yet erupt again.

Earth Fire and Sea

Earth  Fire  and Sea Author R. Russell Bixler
ISBN-10 PSU:000018308020
Year 1986-01-01
Pages 214
Language en

How do you understand the first three verses of the Bible? Be careful- your answer may tell more than you realize! In this in-depth study, Russ Bixler critiques the popular theory that these verses describe a creation out of nothing- as well as the theory of evolution! Instead he shows, from the original Hebrew, how the Creation week is a recent event (6,000-10,000 years ago) and how the primeval universe and earth can still be billions of years old. This book will change forever your thinking about Creation!


WATER EARTH FIRE AIR Author Edward V. Van Slambrouck
ISBN-10 1475943172
Year 2012-08-23
Pages 108
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

From Carolyn Walker’s Forward to WATER EARTH FIRE AIR: “Ed Van Slambrouck’s book of poetry, WATER EARTH FIRE AIR, is one man’s wise, sentimental, and sometimes playful meditation on God’s love and the experience of His creation. Earnest as a child’s devotional, heartfelt as a father’s prayer, and occasionally touched with a tongue-in-cheek pun, Van Slambrouck’s poetry collection, his fourth in an ambitious series fueled by a prolific writing schedule, explores God’s bounty as he lived it in eight decades of life. Using the language of imagery and style (informed by Van Slambrouck’s gift for music) the collection takes the reader by the spirit and coaxes him through such diverse experiences as what it means to adore a woman, raise children, conquer illness, appreciate a friend, play the saxophone, feel the wind and worship at the foot of the Cross.” Acclimations about E. V. Van Slambrouck’s other books: Opus in Chromatic Words (2010): “Ed’s ever-present saxophone permeates a life celebrated in word-images, framed with music and poetry.” James F. Ahearn, Poet and President of the Poetry Society of Michigan. Heart Music (2008): “Poetry is the perfect form for his thoughts because it combines sound and image in a way that is as close to song as one can get, while still using language.” Margo LaGattuta, Poet and Teacher. OnSpring: A Family of Poems (2005): “...thanks for sending me your touching chapbook, OnSpring, whose pages are heartfelt, moving, linguistically admirable and playful.” Peter Meinke, Poet and Professor.

Water Earth Fire Louisiana s Natural Heritage

Water  Earth  Fire  Louisiana s Natural Heritage Author Paul Keddy
ISBN-10 146531668X
Year 2008-12-20
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Louisiana is one of the most beautiful parts of North America. It offers much more than Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. With 25 maps and 60 illustrations, this is the first book to introduce the full range of wild places in Louisiana. Certainly the state’s magnificent swamps are described, but Louisiana showcases a great diversity of natural habitats— prairies, longleaf pine savannas, oak forests, Appalachian forest, river valleys, cliffs, sand dunes, and cheniers. Each has its distinctive plant and animal species. Frogs living in trees, fish digging burrows, pelicans nesting on offshore islands and plants eating insects, as well as wild orchids, dwarf palmettos, armadillos, and... Some of the author’s favorite places to visit are highlighted and he describes the challenge of conserving wild places for the enjoyment of future generations. The book is titled for the water that carries the earth that builds Louisiana, and the fires that create the prairies, pine forests, and savannas. If you own only one book about Louisiana nature, this is the one to have— a perfect gift for student, tourist, hunter, or neighbor. Advance Praise “This is an impressive guide to the magical and bountiful world of Louisiana nature, and an excellent primer in why we should save it—not only for the sake of pelicans and woodpeckers and tupelos, but for the sake of ourselves.” —Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida and the Politics of Paradise “Dr. Paul Keddy captures what truly is the best about Louisiana—its many and varied natural habitats. Dr. Keddy is more than a gifted scientist. He takes the science out of science. He describes complex processes in terms that are easy to understand, enlightening, and enjoyable. From the rolling pine forest to cypress swamps to barrier islands; from birds to bugs to bears; from frogs to fi sh, Dr. Keddy covers all that makes Louisiana one of the most unique places on the good planet Earth.” —Carlton Dufrechou, Executive Director, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

Nature Spirituality

Nature Spirituality Author Mark G. Boyer
ISBN-10 9781625644343
Year 2013-09-17
Pages 150
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

"The presence of the Divine is everywhere. That is both a comfort and a challenge. We are consoled to know that God is with us, but being human we need a sign, something to touch, see, hear, taste, smell. We need something of the ordinary to name the non-touchable, invisible, unable-to-be-heard, tasteless, odorless God's presence with us. So, we employ metaphors, figures of speech which literally denote one kind of object in place of another, to suggest a likeness or analogy. In this book, the metaphors used for God come out of the Bible; they are the four elements of nature for the Greeks: wind, water, earth, and fire. Wind is a metaphor for God's Spirit. Water refers to God as the source of life. Earth, from which we are created, bears God's fingerprints and footprints. And fire reminds us of the God who purifies and draws all creation to himself. This nature spirituality book consists of four chapters--wind, water, earth, fire--each of which contains twenty, four-part exercises of prayer: a few verses from Scripture, a reflection, a journal exercise, and a concluding prayer."

Earth Fire

Earth Fire Author Daniel Arenson
ISBN-10 1539357929
Year 2016-10-28
Pages 470
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

They emerge from shadows. Hungry for flesh, they scurry forth. They are the marauders, the galaxy's deadliest predators. And they crave Earth. Five years ago, we won our first galactic war. We defeated the scum, a race of alien centipedes. But the marauders are stronger, smarter, and crueler by far. And they will show us no mercy. Marco Emery, hero of the last war, struggles today as a civilian. Shell shock cripples him. Nightmares haunt him. Yet now he must become a soldier again. Now his old platoon must reunite. Together, they must defeat the greatest threat Earth has ever known. Or humanity will fall.