Entertainment Industry Contracts

Entertainment Industry Contracts Author Donald C. Farber
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060173098
Year 1986
Pages 54
Language en
Publisher Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender

An authoritative form book with expert guidance on negotiating & drafting contracts in the major areas of the entertainment industry, including entertainment software. 9 Volumes

Contract and Control in the Entertainment Industry

Contract and Control in the Entertainment Industry Author Steve Greenfield
ISBN-10 1855215616
Year 1998-01-01
Pages 210
Language en
Publisher Dartmouth Publishing Company

Contract and Control in the Entertainment Industry takes a broad and original approach to examine contractual relationships within the field of entertainment. Using specific areas such as boxing, cricket, music and football as case studies, the book centers upon contractual constraints that may be placed upon artistes in the various fields, the book also deals with other methods of control that can be exercised over the autonomy of artists.

Creative Industries

Creative Industries Author Richard E. Caves
ISBN-10 0674001648
Year 2000
Pages 454
Language en
Publisher Harvard University Press

"To explain the logic of these arrangements, the author draws on the analytical resources of industrial economics and the theory of contracts. He addresses the winner-take-all character of many creative activities that brings wealth and renown to some artists while dooming others to frustration; why the "option" form of contract is so prevalent; and why even savvy producers get sucked into making "ten-ton turkeys," such as Heaven's Gate."--Jacket.

Contracts for the Film Television Industry

Contracts for the Film   Television Industry Author Mark Litwak
ISBN-10 1935247077
Year 2012
Pages 483
Language en

Contracts for the Film and Television Industry is an invaluable collection of sample entertainment contracts accompanied by legalese-free discussions of their key concepts and terms. The third edition of this popular handbook is revised and expanded (adding 18 new contracts) making it the ultimate entertainment-law guide for all independent filmmakers, who, armed with it, can save themselves thousands of dollars in legal fees. Contracts for the Film and Television Industry contains 80 contracts covering: Basic provisions of entertainment contracts; Depiction and copyright releases; Literary submissions and sales; Artist employment; Collaborations; Music; Financing; Production; Distribution and exhibition; Merchandising; Retainers; and much more, including a glossary of relevant terms.

Entertainment Industry Economics

Entertainment Industry Economics Author Harold L. Vogel
ISBN-10 9781139464994
Year 2007-04-23
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

In this newly revised book, Harold L. Vogel examines the business economics of the major entertainment enterprises: movies, music, television programming, broadcasting, cable, casino gambling and wagering, publishing, performing arts, sports, theme parks, and toys and games. The seventh edition has been further revised and broadened and differs from its predecessors by restructuring and repositioning the previous Internet chapter, including new material on the economics of networks and advertising, adding a new section on policy implications, and further expanding the section on recent theoretical work pertaining to box-office behaviour. The result is a comprehensive up-to-date reference guide on the economics, financing, production, and marketing of entertainment in the United States and overseas. Investors, business executives, accountants, lawyers, arts administrators, and general readers will find that the book offers an invaluable guide to how entertainment industries operate.

Interactive Entertainment

Interactive Entertainment Author Brent Rabowsky
Year 2010-01-08
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher gameindustrybook

A comprehensive book about the video game industry. The book discusses, in detail, the life cycle of a video game from conception to distribution, including analysis of how game production, marketing, and sales teams work together to launch a successful product. In addition, the book provides informative chapters on intellectual property, and contractual, regulatory, and other legal issues. Topics covered are: Genres and Platforms, Publishing and Industry Economics, Ancillary Opportunities, Industry Trade Organizations, Regulation, Legal Affairs, and Forming and Running a Games Company.

Entertainment industry

Entertainment industry Author Mark Vinet
ISBN-10 0968832032
Year 2005-08-29
Pages 152
Language en

The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar business that showcases the work, services, talent, and creativity of a cross-section of the international workforce. The modern entertainment industry is the convergence of the business of music, books, movies, television, radio, Internet, video games, theater, fashion, sports, art, merchandising, copyright, trademarks, and contracts. Employment opportunities abound in this vibrant, eclectic and exciting universe open to anyone willing to learn and work diligently with creative enthusiasm. To be on the cutting edge of this ever-changing industry, one must possess an in-depth knowledge of the many areas that converge to form modern show business. Entertainment lovers of all ages will enjoy this engaging overview of an evolving industry; from its basic and traditional roots to todays exciting technological innovations that rapidly and constantly influence the entertainment we enjoy. Experience a fascinating and enthralling odyssey while exploring dozens of artistic disciplines that can lead to success in the international entertainment field. A spotlight shines on a variety of business options, specific endeavors, crucial information, general knowledge, detailed advice, and the art of negotiating entertainment agreements. Discover the different types of jobs and careers available in the entertainment industry and the effective tools used to produce & market products. Learn the fundamental and essential provisions of publishing & intellectual property, including deal-making and standard contracts used by professionals in the entertainment industry.ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is the second in a series of books dealing with the entertainment business by author, musician, radio host, entertainment lawyer, and historian Mark Vinet. It offers an in-depth study and detailed analysis of the diverse, colorful, and creative art forms that fill the leisure and recreational time of North Americans.This book contains the authors personal entertainment industry rules, tenets, advice, principles, opinions, philosophies, and concepts developed over a thirty-year career in show business as an artist, musician, writer, performer, businessman, manager, and entertainment/copyright lawyer.

Perle and Williams on Publishing Law

Perle and Williams on Publishing Law Author E. Gabriel Perle
ISBN-10 9780735567184
Year 2013-06-20
Language en
Publisher Aspen Publishers Online

This valuable handbook covers the latest approaches to relations between writer/publisher and publisher/public including timely and practical advice on clearing text for libel, privacy, and related legal exposure. Perle, Williams & Fischer on Publishing Law, Fourth Edition describes contract and problem issues commonly encountered in negotiating royalties, advances, options, writer's warranty, subsidiary rights splits, and much more. You'll also find intellectual property issues as they affect publishing, including electronic publishing and software, trademark and copyright law, filing procedures, antitrust issues, and more, including: Extensive coverage of copyright issues including fair use, duration and ownership. International considerations in publishing including coverage of conventions and treaties. The authors also look at international issues involved in contract drafting. Complete coverage of moral rights, what they are and how they are treated both domestically and internationally. An overview of how antitrust laws in the US impact publishing rights. Publishing contracts are examined in depth. Given that the publishing landscape now includes eBooks, periodicals, traditional print and multimedia considerations, drafting an effective contract has become even more important. The authors explore this topic in great detail. And much more.

Hollywood Dealmaking

Hollywood Dealmaking Author Dina Appleton
ISBN-10 9781581157369
Year 2013-12-13
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

A guide to negotiating a deal for film, television, or new media that covers key players, terminology, option-purchase rights, creating employment deals, working out distribution deals and rights, specifying net profit and box-office bonuses, and other related topics.

The Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment Industry Author Michael John Haupert
ISBN-10 0313321736
Year 2006-01-01
Pages 271
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

Explores the evolution and history of popular American entertainment during the twentieth century.