Mid Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide West Coast USA

Mid Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide  West Coast USA Author Sam Lubell
ISBN-10 0714871958
Year 2016-10-24
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Phaidon Press

A must-have guide to one of the most fertile regions for the development of Mid-Century Modern architecture This handbook - the first ever to focus on the architectural wonders of the West Coast of the USA - provides visitors with an expertly curated list of 250 must-see destinations. Discover the most celebrated Modernist buildings, as well as hidden gems and virtually unknown examples - from the iconic Case Study houses to the glamour of Palm Springs' spectacular Modern desert structures. Much more than a travel guide, this book is a compelling record of one of the USA's most important architectural movements at a time when Mid-Century style has never been more popular. First-hand descriptions and colour photography transport readers into an era of unparalleled style, glamour, and optimism.

Forgotten Modern

Forgotten Modern Author Alan Hess
ISBN-10 1586858580
Year 2007-01
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith

In this collection of modern variations on minimalism and organic architecture, Hess and Weintraub reveal the work of the innovative architects in California from the 1930s to the 1970s, including Millard Sheets and Jack Hillmer.


NorCalMod Author Pierluigi Serraino
ISBN-10 081184353X
Year 2006-08-03
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Chronicle Books

Complemented by more than three hundred full-color and black-and-white photographs, a visual history of modernist architecture in Northern California showcases outstanding examples of the style throughout the Bay Area and its environs, including works by Frank Lloyd Wright, Lewis Mumford, Walter Gropius, and other notable architects. 12,500 first printing.

Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates Author Steven M. Price
ISBN-10 9781941393970
Year 2017-01-10
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Filled with beautiful, vivid photographs, Trousdale is the definitive history of the architecture and design that defined both Beverly Hills and the ultimate American Dream. Trousdale Estates is a 410-acre enclave of large, luxurious homes in Beverly Hills, California. Primarily developed in the 1950s and ’60s, it quickly became famous for its concentration of celebrity residents and the unrestrained extravagance of its midcentury modern architecture. Often working with unlimited budgets, these designers created sprawling, elegant backdrops for the ultimate expression of the American Dream in the mid-to-late twentieth century. In Trousdale, Price explores the architectural backgrounds, details, and floor plans of the amazing homes, giving readers an inside view of the world-famous Beverly Hills style. Lavish new photography is interspersed with archival and historic images, illustrating the glamour of Trousdale both then and now. Some of the architects of Trousdale include Lloyd Wright, Wallace Neff, Paul R. Williams, Harold Levitt, and A. Quincy Jones.

The Creative Architect

The Creative Architect Author Pierluigi Serraino
ISBN-10 9781580934251
Year 2016-05-17
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher The Monacelli Press, LLC

"Rarely has the architectural profession, or any creative discipline, undergone such close scientific scrutiny as it did during the 1958 inquiry on the creativity of architects. The directors of this study at Berkeley's Institute of Personality & Social Research masterminded an investigation that drew 40 of the greatest architects practicing at the time, subjecting them to three days of intensive solitary and group testing, in the idealistic pursuit of mapping their minds. Deploying an array of tests reflecting then-current psychological theories, the study sought to answer questions that still apply to creative practice today: What makes a person creative? What are the biographical conditions and personality traits necessary to actualize that creativity? For the first time, the study's findings have been gathered and analyzed through numerous original sources, including questionnaires, aptitude tests, and interview transcripts that show how some of the greatest American architects evaluated their own creativity and that of their peers. In The Creative Architect, Pierluigi Serraino charts the development and implementation of this historic study, producing the first look at an am

Selwyn Pullan

Selwyn Pullan Author Adele Weder
ISBN-10 9781553659471
Year 2012
Pages 145
Language en
Publisher D&M Publishers

A student of the Los Angeles Art Center (now the Art Center College of Design), Selwyn Pullan became known specifically for his ability to contextualize the work of architects through his unique composition and tonal range. His photographs were included in numerous architectural periodicals in the 1950s and '60s, and he played an important role in transmitting the new style of West Coast modernist architecture to consumers via popular magazines. Pullan photographed projects for British Columbia's leading architects from this era, including Ron Thom, Arthur Erickson, and Barry Downs, and today his photos are all that are left of many of these projects, now demolished or altered beyond recognition. His archive forms a crucial record of a definitive architectural movement. Sumptuously illustrated with both black-and-white and color photographs, this is a celebration both of a remarkable body of work and a transformative period of design history. Selwyn Pullan: Positioning the New is the first full-length book dedicated to his compelling photographs. Sumptuously illustrated with both black-and-white and color photographs, this is a celebration both of a remarkable body of work, and a transformative period of design history.

Making Midcentury Modern

Making Midcentury Modern Author Christopher Kennedy
ISBN-10 1423646495
Year 2017-02-01
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith

100 tips for mastering midcentury design in your home . . . Midcentury design has maintained its hold on the American consciousness: from television, to commercials, to the fashion runway. Yet, not all of us can live in a pedigreed midcentury home; fear not! The principles of midcentury design can be applied to the most unassuming spaces. Making Midcentury Modernis created to help you make midcentury modernby offering one hundred foolproof tips for introducing modernist design into a contemporary home. In line with forward-thinking designers of the midcentury, the principles in this book are presented in a way that feels fresh, relevant, and current.

Midnight Modern

Midnight Modern Author Tom Blachford
ISBN-10 1576878341
Year 2017-02-14
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher powerHouse Books

Midnight Modern brings into focus a view of Palm Springs and its internationally renowned modernist houses never before shown, shot entirely by the light of the full moon. Created over the course of three years, by Australian photographer Tom Blachford, the surreal images function as portals in time, with the homes, cars, and beautiful scenery appearing almost exactly as it all did 60 years ago. The crisp moonlight adds a new dimension to the famous mecca of desert modernism and shows a contrasting side to a town famous for its sunshine, cocktails, and hedonism. Working closely with the Palm Springs community Blachford gained remarkable access to some of the most coveted architectural jewels in the area, including the Kaufmann House, Edris House, Frey House II, Sinatra House, and dozens of restored Alexander Tract homes in the valley. Blachford's work builds on the famous documentary and lifestyle approaches of Slim Aarons and Julius Shulman, but injects a signature mystery. His cinematic aesthetic acts as a stage for an untold narrative, inviting the viewer to script their own drama going on behind the walls of these historic homes. This original, lush work is a rich contribution to the record for those mid-century architecture and design lovers fascinated by Palm Springs.

Architecture of the Sun

Architecture of the Sun Author Thomas S. Hines
ISBN-10 0847833208
Year 2010
Pages 755
Language en
Publisher Rizzoli International Publications

An authoritative survey of the masters of twentieth-century modernist architecture in Los Angeles. This revisionist study explores the history of modernist architecture in Greater Los Angeles from the early twentieth century to the 1970s, focusing on both its regional and international contexts. Thomas Hines critically analyzes the concepts of modernism and regionalism and begins his exploration by contrasting the turn-of-the-century Craftsman work of Charles and Henry Greene with the rationalist modernism of their contemporary Irving Gill and the expressionist modernism of Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd Wright. The book re-interprets the modernist variations of Wright’s disciple Rudolph Schindler and the International Style of his contemporary Richard Neutra, as well as of their followers: Gregory Ain, Raphael Soriano, and Harwell Harris. The minimalist Case Study House program is contrasted with the sensuous modernism of John Lautner and with the large-scale modernism of William Pereira and Welton Becket. Hines ends the book in the early 1970s, as modernism began to confront the challenge of the post-modernist critique. A personal epilogue reflects on the author’s exploration of Los Angeles modernism from the late 1960s to 2009.

Never Built Los Angeles

Never Built Los Angeles Author Greg Goldin
ISBN-10 1935202960
Year 2013
Pages 375
Language en

"Never Built Los Angeles" explores the "what if" Los Angeles, investigating the values and untapped potential of a city still in search of itself. A treasure trove of buildings, master plans, parks, follies and mass-transit proposals that only saw the drawing board, the book asks: why is Los Angeles a mecca for great architects, yet so lacking in urban innovation? Featured are more than 100 visionary works that could have transformed both the physical reality and the collective perception of the metropolis, from Olmsted Brothers and Bartholomew's groundbreaking 1930 Plan for the Los Angeles Region, which would have increased the amount of green space in the notoriously park-poor city fivefold; to John Lautner's Alto Capistrano, a series of spaceship-like apartments hovering above a mixed-use development; to Jean Nouvel's 2008 Green Blade, a condominium tower clad entirely in cascading plants. Through text and more than 400 color and black-and-white illustrations drawn from archives around the U.S., authors Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin explore the visceral (and sometimes misleading) power of architectural ideas conveyed through sketches, renderings, blueprints, models and the now waning art of hand drawing. Many of these schemes--promoting a denser, more vibrant city--are still relevant today and could inspire future designs. "Never Built Los Angeles" will set the stage for a renewed interest in visionary projects in this, one of the world's great cities.

Mid Century Modern Complete

Mid Century Modern Complete Author Dominic Bradbury
ISBN-10 0500517274
Year 2014
Pages 544
Language en

This definitive survey of one of the most popular, collectable and dynamic periods of international design offers a rich overview of all aspects of the subject. It covers furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, textiles, product design, industrial design, graphics and posters, as well as architecture and interior design. Nearly 100 major and influential creators of the mid-century period are highlighted, including icons such as Saul Bass, Robin Day, Charles and Ray Eames, Marimekko, Isamu Noguchi, Dieter Rams, Lucie Rie and Paolo Venini, as well as architects Alvar Aalto, Philip Johnson, Richard Neutra and Oscar Niemeyer. An additional illustrated dictionary features hundreds more key mid-century designers and manufacturers as well as important organizations, schools and movements. Complete with thirteen specially commissioned essays by renowned experts and over 1,000 mainly colour illustrations, it is a must-have acquisition for any design aficionado, collector or reader seeking inspiration for their home.

Cape Cod Modern

Cape Cod Modern Author Peter McMahon
ISBN-10 1935202162
Year 2014-06-30
Pages 271
Language en

In the summer of 1937, Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus, rented a house on Planting Island, near the base of Cape Cod. Thus began a chapter in the history of modern architecture that has never been told _until now.The area was a hotbed of intellectual currents from New York, Boston, Cambridge and the country's top schools of architecture and design. Avant-garde homes began to appear in the woods and on the dunes; by the 1970s, there were about 100 modern houses of interest here.

Minnesota Modern

Minnesota Modern Author Larry Millett
ISBN-10 0816683298
Year 2015-11-01
Pages 400
Language en

From the genteel elegance of Christ Lutheran Church in Minneapolis to the lowbrow wonder of Porky's Drive-in in St. Paul, the Twin Cities and other Minnesota communities have been nothing short of a living museum of midcentury modernism, the new style of architecture that swept through much of America from 1945 to the mid-1960s. Renowned Minnesota architecture critic and historian Larry Millett conducts us on an eye-opening, spectacularly illustrated tour of this rich and varied landscape, with its graphic insights into the building of midcentury Middle America. A history lesson as entertaining as it is enlightening, Minnesota Modern provides a close-up view of a style that penetrated the social, political, and cultural machinery of the times. Extending from modest suburban ramblers and ranch houses to the grandest public and commercial structures, midcentury modernism expressed a whole way of thinking about how to live, work, and play in communities that sprang up as thousands of military members returned from World War II. Millett describes the style's sources--in the work of European masters like Ludvig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius, as well as the midwestern innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright--and its refinement at the University of Minnesota under the guidance of Ralph Rapson and other modernists. He shows us its applications in twelve midcentury homes in Minnesota and takes us through its many permutations in sites as different as Barry Byrne's intimate St. Columba Catholic Church in St. Paul and Eero Saarinen's sprawling IBM complex in Rochester. This is Minnesota modern at its historic best, a firsthand, in-depth history of a singularly American sensibility and aesthetic writ large on the midwestern region.

Midcentury Houses Today

Midcentury Houses Today Author Jeffrey Matz
ISBN-10 1580933858
Year 2014
Pages 240
Language en

There are few towns anywhere like New Canaan, Connecticut-a small, bucolic town that in a short time transformed into an epicenter of residential Modernism in America. Close to Yale and other modernist hothouses, New Canaan became the site of fervent experimentation in its core principles-simplicity, openness, sensitivity to site and nature-by some of the leading lights of the movement in the United States at the time. This is where Philip Johnson, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Eliot Noyes, Edward Durrell Stone, and others built houses that would test these ideas and push the awareness of architectural modernism as the ideal for the domestic lifestyle of the twentieth century. Each chapter features one house in detail, revealing not only its history but also how the house is lived in today. All new photography will reveal key details in the original construction, its interaction with subsequent additions, and of course the effects that reinforce the relationship between modern design and modern living. The voices of the current residents, as well as past owners, clients, builders, and the architects, themselves are included in the book, each stating in their own way how the modernist residence is more than just a philosophy of design and construction, but also a philosophy of living.

Archi Graphic

Archi Graphic Author Frank Jacobus
ISBN-10 1780676190
Year 2015-10-27
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Laurence King Publishing

This informative and engaging book uses a variety of inventive infographics to take an unusual look at architecture in a way that would not be possible with words and images alone. Through a variety of different infographics it compares, for example, the range of materials and colours used by different architects, the relative locations of their buildings, who influenced who, and which architects are the most discussed. It also approaches architecture from more unconventional angles with spreads that show the kinds of architecture favoured by dictators, the networks of love affairs that architects got entangled in; the defining facial features of famous architects and so on. Irreverent and entertaining, this book will appeal to all those with an interest in architecture or infographics.