New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law

New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law Author John P. Beal
ISBN-10 9780809105021
Year 2000
Pages 1952
Language en
Publisher Paulist Press

A complete and updated commentary on the Code of Canon Law prepared by the leading canonists of North America and Europe. Contains the full, newly translated text of the Code itself as well as detailed commentaries by thirty-six scholars commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America.

A Concise Guide to Canon Law

A Concise Guide to Canon Law Author Kevin E. McKenna
ISBN-10 0877939349
Year 2000
Pages 127
Language en
Publisher St. Francis of Assisi Books

This handy reference provides a compact overview of the most important canonical issues facing pastoral ministers today. Arranged by topic, this resource offers a thorough summary of church law along with helpful sections of frequently asked questions at the end of the chapters.

Historical Dictionary of Catholicism

Historical Dictionary of Catholicism Author William J. Collinge
ISBN-10 9780810857551
Year 2012
Pages 593
Language en
Publisher Scarecrow Press

Defines terms which deal with aspects of the faith, worship, ethics, history, theology, and spirituality of the Catholic Church.

Law Liberty and Church

Law  Liberty and Church Author Gordon Arthur
ISBN-10 9781317107477
Year 2016-04-22
Pages 222
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Law, Liberty and Church examines the presuppositions that underlie authority in the five largest Churches in England - the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union. Examining what has influenced their development, and how the patterns of authority that exist today have evolved, Gordon Arthur explores the contributions of Scripture, Roman Legal Theory, and Greek Philosophy. This book shows how the influence of Roman legal theory has caused inflexibility, and at times authoritarianism in the Roman Catholic Church; it explores how the influence of reason and moderation has led the Church of England to focus on inclusiveness, often at the cost of clarity; it expounds the attempts of the Free Churches to establish liberty of conscience, leading them at times to a more democratic and individualistic approach. Finally Arthur offers an alternative view of authority, and sets out some of the challenges this view presents to the Churches.

Dear Brother

Dear Brother Author Brian Roberts
ISBN-10 9781411698888
Year 2006-06-01
Pages 340
Language en

"Dear Brother" is a fresh compilation of Catholic Apologetics targeted toward non-Catholic Christians. However, the book was especially written for Catholics who have found themselves in RCIA programs against the wishes of Protestant friends and family. It contains an exhaustive biblical defense of essential Catholic doctrines, a glimpse of the general councils in Church history, and the author's own conversion story. It is difficult to find so much material packed into one easy to read volume. "Dear Brother" manages this in a way that is both personal and compelling. A real page turner for anyone interested in Catholicism! FEATURES: - the author's personal testimony - a summary of each ecumenical council - a list of the popes - over twenty articles on saints - suggested reading and resource lists - quotes from the early Church - HUNDREDS of Scriptural references

Religion and Ethnocentrism

Religion and Ethnocentrism Author Dave Dean Capucao
ISBN-10 9789004184701
Year 2010
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher BRILL

Within the context of the Duthc civil religion and the diverse reactions to it by contemporary Catholic believers, this book investigates the extent to which religious attitudes, i.e. attituted towards God, Jesus, Spirit, salvation, and church, . have an effect on ethnocentrism

The Pastoral Companion

The Pastoral Companion Author John M. Huels
ISBN-10 0819909688
Year 1995
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Franciscan Herald Press

The 1983 revised Code of Canon Law is now a dozen years old. Since then hundreds of new laws and more than 25 authentic interpretations of laws have been promulgated, not only adding new legislation, but in some cases changing canons of the code and norms of the liturgical books. Also during this period many new documents have appeared from the Holy See and the conference of bishops.Some of the more important recent publications that affect the pastoral ministry are: the 1990 Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches; the 1993 Directory for Ecumenism; the 1988 Directory for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest; a new marriage ritual (1991) and rites for ordination (1990) which have not yet appeared in English; and new American editions of the RCIA, Order of Christian Funerals, and Book of Blessings.This completely revised and updated edition incorporates changes in law, new laws and commentaries promulgated since 1983 and features new indexes, a 14-page glossary of canon law terms, an outline of the 1988 reforms of the Roman Curia, a new chapter on holy orders and clergy, new sections on the faithful, rights and obligations, sacramentals, Communion services outside Mass, and much more.

International Encyclopedia of Civil Society

International Encyclopedia of Civil Society Author Helmut K. Anheier
ISBN-10 9780387939964
Year 2009-11-24
Pages 528
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

Recently the topic of civil society has generated a wave of interest, and a wealth of new information. Until now no publication has attempted to organize and consolidate this knowledge. The International Encyclopedia of Civil Society fills this gap, establishing a common set of understandings and terminology, and an analytical starting point for future research. Global in scope and authoritative in content, the Encyclopedia offers succinct summaries of core concepts and theories; definitions of terms; biographical entries on important figures and organizational profiles. In addition, it serves as a reliable and up-to-date guide to additional sources of information. In sum, the Encyclopedia provides an overview of the contours of civil society, social capital, philanthropy and nonprofits across cultures and historical periods. For researchers in nonprofit and civil society studies, political science, economics, management and social enterprise, this is the most systematic appraisal of a rapidly growing field.

Metanoia Catholic eTract Number Three Vocation Common Priest by Baptism Fourth Edition

Metanoia  Catholic eTract Number Three  Vocation  Common Priest by Baptism  Fourth Edition Author Cecil Donald Leighton, Jr.
Year 2014-09-15
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Cecil Donald Leighton, Jr.

Metanoia: A Catholic eTract Series, Volume Number Three: Vocation: Common Priest by Baptism (Fourth Edition) is the author’s third publication in a series of free Catholic etracts. In Vocation: Common Priest by Baptism, the author sets forth his personal experience in discerning whether Jesus, The Christ is calling him to the common priesthood in Christ via Baptism or the ministerial priesthood in Christ via Holy Orders. It is the true story of his 21st-Century discernment within the diocese of Los Angeles, including the “natural” (i.e., deductive logic) and “supernatural” (i.e., divine “signs”) factors that went into determining if, in his case, there was/is a vocation to the office of the ministerial priesthood, based the special graces he has received, including his being associated with that office by family, friends, and strangers 38 times over a 17-year period. He is publishing it to document and share his journey in hopes that other Catholic men formally in discernment may find it instructive. Finally, this etract and all those that will follow are part of the author’s personal response to and promotion of the Church’s “universal call to holiness” (Lumen Gentium) and the “new evangelization” (Novo Millenio Ineunte), in the electronically connected virtual world of the Internet.

An Introduction to Canon Law

An Introduction to Canon Law Author James A. Coriden
ISBN-10 0809142562
Year 2004
Pages 243
Language en
Publisher Paulist Press

A revised edition to a classic work that introduces the basic structures and categories of the church's rules.

A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin

A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin Author John F. Collins
ISBN-10 0813206677
Year 1985
Pages 451
Language en
Publisher CUA Press

The chief aim of this primer is to give the student, within one year of study, the ability to read ecclesiastical Latin. Collins includes the Latin of Jerome's Bible, of canon law, of the liturgy and papal bulls, of scholastic philosophers, and of the Ambrosian hymns, providing a survey of texts from the fourth century through the Middle Ages. An "Answer Key" to this edition is now available. Please see An Answer Key to A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, prepared by John Dunlap.