Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue Author Aaron Ross
ISBN-10 0984380213
Year 2011-05-01
Pages 198
Language en
Publisher Pebblestorm

Discover the outbound sales process that, in just a few years, helped add $100 million in recurring revenue to, almost doubling their enterprise growth...with zero cold calls. This is NOT just another book about how to cold call or close deals. This is an entirely new kind of sales bible for CEOs, entrepreneurs and sales VPs to help you build a sales machine. What does it take for your sales team to generate as many highly-qualified new leads as you want, create predictable revenue, and meet your financial goals without your constant focus and attention? Predictable Revenue has the answers!

From Impossible To Inevitable

From Impossible To Inevitable Author Aaron Ross
ISBN-10 9781119166719
Year 2016-02-08
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Impossible Goals, Inevitable Successes Why are you struggling to grow your business when everyone else seems to be crushing their goals? If you needed to triple revenue within the next three years, would you know exactly how to do it? Doubling the size of your business, tripling it, even growing ten times larger isn’t about magic. It’s not about privileges, luck, or working harder. There’s a template that the world’s fastest growing companies follow to achieve and sustain much, much faster growth. From Impossible to Inevitable details the hypergrowth playbook of companies like the record-breaking Zenefits (which skyrocketed from $1 million to $100 million in two years), (the fastest growing multibillion dollar software company), and EchoSign—aka Adobe Document Services—(which catapulted from $0 to $144 million in seven years). Whether you have a $1 billion or a $100,000 business, you can use the same insights as these notable companies to learn what it really takes to break your own revenue records. For instance, one of the authors shows how he grew his income from $67,000 to $720,000 in four years while maintaining a 20-30 hour work week and welcoming a new child—nine times. This book shows you how to surpass plateaus and get off of the up-and-down revenue rollercoaster by answering three questions about growing revenue to tens times its size: Why aren’t you growing faster? What does it take to get to hypergrowth? How do you sustain growth? This powerful, effective book provides a template for you to kick off your biggest growth spurt yet. This template includes The 7 Ingredients Of Hypergrowth: You’re not ready to grow until you Nail a Niche. Overnight success is a fairy tale. You’re not going to be magically discovered. You need sustainable systems that Create Predictable Pipeline. Growth exposes your weaknesses and it will cause more problems than it solves—until you Make Sales Scalable. It’s hard to build a big business out of small deals. Figure out how to Double Your Dealsize. It’ll take years longer than you want, but don’t quit too soon. Make sure you can Do the Time. Your people are renting, not owning their jobs. Develop a culture of initiative, not adequacy by Embracing Employee Ownership. Employees, you are too accepting of “reality” and too eager to quit. You can Define Your Destiny to make a difference, for yourself and your company, no matter what you do or where you work. The authors take each ingredient and break it down into specific steps to guide you through implementation. From Impossible to Inevitable helps you take impossible goals and turn them into inevitable successes for your business and team. You will achieve success even bigger than you can imagine from where you’re sitting today.

Predictable Prospecting How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline

Predictable Prospecting  How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline Author Marylou Tyler
ISBN-10 9781259835650
Year 2016-08-19
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional

The proven system for rapid B2B sales growth from the coauthor of Predictable Revenue, the breakout bestseller hailed as a “sales bible” ( If your organization’s success is driven by B2B sales, you need to be an expert prospector to successfully target, qualify, and close business opportunities. This game-changing guide provides the immediately implementable strategies you need to build a solid, sustainable pipeline — whether you’re a sales or marketing executive, team leader, or sales representative. Based on the acclaimed business model that made Predictable Revenue a runaway bestseller, this powerful approach to B2B prospecting will help you to: • Identify the prospects with the greatest potential • Clearly articulate your company’s competitive position • Implement account-based sales development using ideal account profiles • Refine your lead targeting strategy with an ideal prospect profile • Start a conversation with people you don’t know • Land meetings through targeted campaigns • Craft personalized e-mail and phone messaging to address each potential buyer’s awareness, needs, and challenges. • Define, manage, and optimize sales development performance metrics • Generate predictable revenue You’ll learn how to target and track ideal prospects, optimize contact acquisition, continually improve performance, and achieve your revenue goals—quickly, efficiently, and predictably. The book includes easy-to-use charts and e-mail templates, and features full online access to sample materials, worksheets, and blueprints to add to your prospecting tool kit. Following this proven step-by-step framework, you can turn any B2B organization into a high-performance business development engine, diversify marketing lead generation channels, justify marketing ROI, sell into disruptive markets—and generate more revenue than ever. That’s the power of Predictable Prospecting.

Behind the Cloud

Behind the Cloud Author Marc Benioff
ISBN-10 047053592X
Year 2009-10-29
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

How did grow from a start up in a rented apartment into the world's fastest growing software company in less than a decade? For the first time, Marc Benioff, the visionary founder, chairman and CEO of, tells how he and his team created and used new business, technology, and philanthropic models tailored to this time of extraordinary change. Showing how not only survived the dotcom implosion of 2001, but went on to define itself as the leader of the cloud computing revolution and spark a $46-billion dollar industry, Benioff's story will help business leaders and entrepreneurs stand out, innovate better, and grow faster in any economic climate. In Behind the Cloud, Benioff shares the strategies that have inspired employees, turned customers into evangelists, leveraged an ecosystem of partners, and allowed innovation to flourish.

The Sales Acceleration Formula

The Sales Acceleration Formula Author Mark Roberge
ISBN-10 9781119047070
Year 2015-02-24
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

This book is about the metrics-driven, scientific approach that Mark Roberge used to scale sales at a software company, HubSpot, from $0 to $100 Million in annualized revenue. The $0 to $100 Million Sales Formula is for the millions of small business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sales leaders that strive to build that next $100 million business. The biggest challenge standing in their way is scaling sales. Bombarded with advice from consultants and thought leaders who have supposedly “cracked the code” on modern sales, business leaders prefer to hear from actual practitioners who have overcome these challenge themselves in today’s selling context. The book shows how to apply metrics and science to almost every aspect of building a sales team, from hiring, training, and managing sales people to generating leads to developing sales leaders.

Hacking Sales

Hacking Sales Author Max Altschuler
ISBN-10 9781119281641
Year 2016-05-31
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Stay ahead of the sales evolution with a more efficient approach to everything Hacking Sales helps you transform your sales process using the next generation of tools, tactics and strategies. Author Max Altschuler has dedicated his business to helping companies build modern, efficient, high tech sales processes that generate more revenue while using fewer resources. In this book, he shows you the most effective changes you can make, starting today, to evolve your sales and continually raise the bar. You’ll walk through the entire sales process from start to finish, learning critical hacks every step of the way. Find and capture your lowest-hanging fruit at the top of the funnel, build massive lead lists using ICP and TAM, utilize multiple prospecting strategies, perfect your follow-ups, nurture leads, outsource where advantageous, and much more. Build, refine, and enhance your pipeline over time, close deals faster, and use the right tools for the job—this book is your roadmap to fast and efficient revenue growth. Without a reliable process, you’re disjointed, disorganized, and ultimately, underperforming. Whether you’re building a sales process from scratch or looking to become your company’s rock star, this book shows you how to make it happen. Identify your Ideal Customer and your Total Addressable Market Build massive lead lists and properly target your campaigns Learn effective hacks for messaging and social media outreach Overcome customer objections before they happen The economy is evolving, the customer is evolving, and sales itself is evolving. Forty percent of the Fortune 500 from the year 2000 were absent from the Fortune 500 in the year 2015, precisely because they failed to evolve. Today’s sales environment is very much a “keep up or get left behind” paradigm, but you need to do better to excel. Hacking Sales shows you how to get ahead of everyone else with focused effort and the most effective approach to modern sales.

Smart Selling on the Phone and Online

Smart Selling on the Phone and Online Author Josiane Chriqui FEIGON
ISBN-10 9780814414668
Year 2009-09-16
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

The world of selling keeps changing, and inside sales professionals are on the front line. More than ever, they need powerful tools to open stronger, build trust faster, handle objections better, and close more sales. Based on the author’s TeleSmart 10 System for Power Selling, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online pinpoints the ten skills essential to high-efficiency, high-success performance. Sales professionals will learn how to: • Overcome ten different forms of “paralysis” and reestablish momentum • Sell in sound bites, not long-winded speeches • Ask the right questions to reveal customer needs • Navigate around obstacles to get to the power buyer • Prioritize and manage their time so that more of it is spent actually selling • And more Combining an accessible text with clear graphics and step-by-step processes, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online will help any rep master the world of “Sales 2.0” and become a true sales warrior!

Sales 2 0

Sales 2 0 Author Anneke Seley
ISBN-10 9780470482803
Year 2008-12-23
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Two Silicon Valley insiders reveal the emerging Sales 2.0 trend and how companies can profit from it Sales 2.0 explores the emerging Sales 2.0 phenomenon, how it is characterized, why it is imperative for a company’s long-term success, and how anyone can get started with this new approach to generating revenue. Driven by an explosion of online products and changing customer buying preferences, Sales 2.0 is the marriage of Web 2.0 technologies with innovative sales processes. The book shows readers how to redeploy their sales teams for greater bottom-line results and reveals all the differences between Sales 2.0 and traditional selling. Through real world case studies, readers will learn how industry leaders achieved phenomenal results and a competitive advantage. Applicable to sales teams in any industry, Sales 2.0 presents the future of sales today.

Lean Selling

Lean Selling Author Robert J. Pryor
ISBN-10 9781496955524
Year 2015-01-29
Pages 334
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

Excerpts of Advance Praise for Lean Selling “Lean Selling is the most important sales management book of the last 25 years. It shows us why 90% of today’s sales processes are broken. This book will change forever the way you sell and manage.” Al Davidson President, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. “Most sales leaders struggle to get their entire sales team to perform at the level of their ‘A-Players.’ Too many sales books focus on trying to change a salesperson’s behavior to achieve this. Robert Pryor’s book focuses on defining a sales process to yield consistent sales results for your company’s product or solution. Lean Selling provides the tools you require to define then refine your sales process as market and competitive conditions change. The end result is achieving both predictable sales and customer satisfaction.” Craig Jack Former Managing Client Partner, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Former Managing Director, KPMG Consulting “Robert Pryor has written a book on a subject already covered by tons of books over the years but managed to give it a twist that makes it very engaging and relevant. The book is well written, insightful, and timely; the emergence of internet commerce has had a profound impact on the sales profession as we know it.” Ake Persson Retired CEO, Ericsson Wireless Communications, Inc. “Lean Selling, by Robert Pryor, really woke me up to how complacent some of us are about our sales processes, and how that complacency connects directly to those sub-optimal results. It’s a ‘must read.’ ” J. Jeffrey Campbell Brinker Executive in Residence and Director, Master of Science Program, San Diego State University School of Hospitality & Tourism Former Chairman and CEO, Burger King Corporation “Lean Selling? I love it. I’ve been using lean principles with my inside sales organization for a year now to improve customer fit and the buyer experience. The result has been astronomical growth in sales for my company. Kevin Gaither Vice president of Inside Sales, ZipRecruiter, Inc. President, Los Angeles Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Complete quotations start on page 1 of this book.


B2B            Author 亞倫.羅斯(Aaron Ross)
ISBN-10 9789864770397
Year 2016-06-07
Pages 304
Language zh-TW
Publisher 商周出版

業績突破1億美金的奧秘,來自找到你的關鍵客戶。 否則銷售技巧再厲害,接不到案子也無用武之地! 以可重複使用的商機開發方案,讓銷售團隊不再亂槍打鳥、做白工, 輕鬆達成業績三倍跳! 人人都希望能夠獲取穩定、可預設的營收與業績,但你是否每個月打了幾百通電話、寄電郵推銷,甚至約訪做簡報,可是客戶始終不買帳?這不是你不努力,而是你努力的方式錯了!現代的業務開發方式首重「系統化」,從發掘商機到說服客戶成交,每個環節都有其獨到之處。 本書將教導讀者,尋找「商機」不再是像過去那樣盲目地亂打電話給公司行號推銷,而是可以利用現代科技與軟體,減少業務團隊做虛功的狀況,提高工作效率。從舉列潛力客戶名單開始,到使用何種銷售語言、如何探問客戶需求並判定是否有成交機會,最後交棒給業務人員,皆有一套可良好控管、順暢執行並方便考核績效的流程。 針對主管級讀者,書中也說明7大常犯的領導錯誤,以及管理、招募時的機制與關鍵,並解釋區隔開發團隊與業務團隊、角色專精化的重要性,以便釐清權責、適才適用。 【台灣名家推薦】 李紹唐(前Oracle甲骨文臺灣區總經理) 林之晨(AppWorks 之初創投合夥人) 陳昭穎(《砍掉重練》作者,矽谷工程師) 許景泰(SmartM 創辦人) 童至祥(特力集團執行長) 【國外熱烈好評】 「我剛讀完這本書。有用到無法置信!我現在終於知道我們的銷售流程哪裡出了問題。」 ──派特.莎(Pat Shah),SurchSquad執行長 「與亞倫.羅斯共事向來就是驚喜連連!在我們運用他的方法改善銷售組織,幫助我們的產品獲利更多,也同時帶進更具規模的可預測營收。我們的事業至少成長40%,最棒的是,還在運用階段就突破了。」 ──麥可.史東(Michael Stone),WPromote業務暨策略副總 「銷售神器的概念很棒。 亞倫把複雜觀念深入淺出,內容相當易讀,本書可謂企業家和主管的完勝聖經。」 ──普蘿蜜.菲隆(Promise Phelon),UpMo執行長 「亞倫能放下自我中心,創造清楚而大膽的願景,並授權下屬、培養他們身為迷你執行長的執行能力。我接手亞倫在Salesforce.com所建造的團隊後,驚訝地發現在他的帶領之下,團隊基礎相當穩固,具有爆發性且能永續成功。感謝亞倫,你讓我在此非常成功!」 ──萊恩.馬丁(Ryan Martin),Salesforce.com新任事業部董事 出版社 商周出版 (城邦)

Customer Success

Customer Success Author Nick Mehta
ISBN-10 9781119167969
Year 2016-02-29
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

"Customer Success will become the authoritative book of the emerging Customer Success industry and target any business that is trying to focus, or re-focus, on customers and will be applicable to all customer management roles such as Account Manager, Customer Advocacy, Client Relationship Manager, and Customer Success Manager along with the leadership of those organizations. Customer Success will address the pains of how to start creating a customer-centric company and how to think strategically about Customer Success - how to organize, compensate, find a leader, measure, etc. Customer Success has exploded as one of the hottest B2B movements since the advent of the subscription business model"--

The Closer s Survival Guide

The Closer s Survival Guide Author Grant Cardone
ISBN-10 9780615558875
Year 2015-12-16
Pages 392
Language en
Publisher Grant Cardone

The Closer’s Survival Guide is perfect for sales people, negotiators, deal makers and mediators but also critically important for dreamers, investors, inventors, buyers, brokers, entrepreneurs, bankers, CEO’s, politicians and anyone who wants to close others on the way they think and get what they want in life. Show me any highly successful person, and I will show you someone who has big dreams and who knows how to close! The end game is the close.

Start Small Stay Small

Start Small  Stay Small Author Rob Walling
ISBN-10 9780615373966
Year 2010
Pages 202
Language en
Publisher The Numa Group LLC

Start Small, Stay Small is a step-by-step guide to launching a self-funded startup. If you're a desktop, mobile or web developer, this book is your blueprint to getting your startup off the ground with no outside investment. This book intentionally avoids topics restricted to venture-backed startups such as: honing your investment pitch, securing funding, and figuring out how to use the piles of cash investors keep placing in your lap. This book assumes: * You don't have $6M of investor funds sitting in your bank account * You're not going to relocate to the handful of startup hubs in the world * You're not going to work 70 hour weeks for low pay with the hope of someday making millions from stock options There's nothing wrong with pursuing venture funding and attempting to grow fast like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It just so happened that most people are not in a place to do this. Start Small, Stay Small also focuses on the single most important element of a startup that most developers avoid: marketing. There are many great resources for learning how to write code, organize source control, or connect to a database. This book does not cover the technical aspects developers already know or can learn elsewhere. It focuses on finding your idea, testing it before you build, and getting it into the hands of your customers.

The Sales Development Playbook

The Sales Development Playbook Author Trish Bertuzzi
ISBN-10 1519489080
Year 2016
Pages 248
Language en

A book to help companies find customers and create repeatable sales by developing effective inside sales organizations and development strategies.