Proud to Be Right

Proud to Be Right Author Jonah Goldberg
ISBN-10 9780062029423
Year 2010-10-05
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

In Proud to Be Right, Jonah Goldberg, the New York Times bestselling author of Liberal Fascism, presents voices of the next Conservative generation. A fresh and provocative collection of lively political writing from right wing writers under the age of 30, Proud to Be Right rebuts the conventional wisdom that Generation Y is a uniformly liberal demographic—and that intelligent young people today fall blindly into the Barack Obama camp.


ISBN-10 9781491825716
Year 2013-10-30
Pages 424
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

A girl named Rosalinda decides to take a road trip to Los Angeles, to start a new life of her own and find out what the world had to offer. Her journey entails an unexpected turn that forces her to make a fast decision that will take her to a dream that she wasn't expecting to pursue. Because of an incident that she had encountered in the place of her employment, a Restaurant, she is forced to be fired and that's when her dream became a nightmare. She went from being a waitress to a boxer. Like day and night. She meets her love of her life along the way to becoming someone special to her country, until a tragic happened to her love of her life. At the same time, she is involved in a life threatening of her own, then learns of her special person in her life that he might not live. She deals with the absents of her Love and continues what she loves to do. She fulfills her dream, although, it wasn't an easy ride to get there, but she never did quit.

Proud to be an Okie

Proud to be an Okie Author Peter La Chapelle
ISBN-10 9780520248885
Year 2007
Pages 350
Language en
Publisher Univ of California Press

"Proud to be an Okie is a fresh, well-researched, wonderfully insightful, and imaginative book. Throughout, La Chapelle's keen attention to shifting geographies and urban and suburban spaces is one of the work's real strengths. Another strength is the book's focus on dress, ethnicity, and the manufacturing of style. When all of these angles and insights are pulled together, La Chapelle delivers a fascinating rendering of Okie life and American culture."--Bryant Simon, author of Boardwalk of Dreams: Atlantic City and the Fate of Urban America

Proud to be Deaf

Proud to be Deaf Author Ava Beese
ISBN-10 9781526307088
Year 2017-07-13
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Ava is like any other 7-year-old. She likes to talk and laugh with her friends, is obsessed with dogs and loves being active. Ava is also deaf - and she's proud of it. She loves her Deaf community, that she's bilingual, and that she experiences the world differently from hearing people. In this book, Ava welcomes her hearing peers to her daily life, the way technology helps her navigate the world and explains common misconceptions about deaf people - and introduces some of her deaf heroes who have achieved amazing things. She talks about her experiences at school making friends with hearing children, and teaches readers the BSL alphabet and BSL phrases. Featuring photos of Ava, her friends and family throughout, plus illustrations of hand signs.

Ain t Too Proud to Beg

Ain t Too Proud to Beg Author Hazel Calderon
ISBN-10 9780595323173
Year 2004-07
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Ain't too Proud to Beg will quench your desire to find out what happens next in the lives of Quanda and Kevin. The saga continues with the lovers trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered love life. Separately they delve into the business world and emerge very successful but are they happy? Kevin and Quanda live successful lives until their worlds venture into a collision course. Layla pulls out all the stops to convince Kevin she is the woman for him. Quanda comes to the realization that freedom isn't worth losing the love of her life, forever! After Jamal's indiscretions, and Zee's breakdown, she decides to embark on the road to finding her true career path. With Zee's newly found success and Jamal purging his soul, they try to mend their broken hearts. Robin and Aiyesha share many secrets. Their sisterly bond is tested, as their father's love triangle comes to crossroads, which will affect both their lives. James' deepest, darkest secrets, surface and challenge his relationship with his son. Time passes as everyone grows and meets the twists and turns of finding their true destiny.

Proud To Be You

Proud To Be You Author Pamela Espeland
ISBN-10 9781575426877
Year 2006-06-01
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Free Spirit Publishing

Kids learn how to build the four Positive Identity Assets: personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose, and a positive view of their personal future. Stories, tips, and ideas help them feel good about themselves and optimistic about what's ahead for them.

The Preacher s New Family

The Preacher s New Family Author Linda S. Glaz
ISBN-10 9780373487004
Year 2014-03-04
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Harlequin

PREACHER T.J. O'BRIEN ISN'T LOOKING FOR A WIFE AND FAMILY Yet every time he sees Sarah Anne Rycroft, he feels a powerful urge to protect the beautiful young widow. When she's in danger of losing the farm to the bank, T.J. steps in to defend Sarah against the unscrupulous banker. Sarah knows T.J. has vowed to live a solitary life of devotion to God. Still, the single mother can't resist the comfort and safety of his strong arms. But when he sells his most prized possession to save the farm from foreclosure, she wonders if the handsome preacher could have marriage on his mind, after all.

A Dorset Girl

A Dorset Girl Author Janet Woods
ISBN-10 9781471136580
Year 2014-04-10
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

It's the time of the Tolpuddle trial and unrest. The Dorset labourers work under terrible conditions for starvation wages. When her mother and stepfather perish in a fire, an illegitimate peasant girl, Siana Lewis, is left destitute, with a young brother and baby sister to support. Securing a job with the local rector, Siana, with her wit and beauty, will attract the attention of three men. Daniel Ayres - a young man with high hopes and very little else - is her first love, who cruelly betrays her. Francis Matheson, the local doctor, admires Siana's determination and thirst for knowledge. The pair establish a relaxed friendship. Then there's the local squire, Edward Forbes. A sensual and devious man, Edward is used to going after what he wants. He desires the beautiful peasant girl at first sight of her - and will stop at nothing to get her.

Ain t Too Proud to Beg

Ain t Too Proud to Beg Author Telford Work
ISBN-10 9780802803931
Year 2007-07-31
Pages 252
Language en
Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Work proposes that Christians take whatever is happening in their world and set the Lord's Prayer in the middle of it to shed light on the scene, expose what matters--and then pray it. Ecumenical and evangelical in tone, the volume ends with three sparkling, joyful sermons.

I Am Proud To Be A Hindu

I Am Proud To Be A Hindu Author J. Agarwal
ISBN-10 9788122310221
Year 2008-09-15
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Pustak Mahal

Hindu Dharma is the oldest living religion in the world. It is the eternal religion which is evergreen and perfect. Its origin goes back to the earliest of times when man first needed a way of life to conduct himself in the society. A person who always conducts himself with dignity and self-confidence in the society is called a Hindu. the sacred Hindu Scriptures describe a Hindu as the one who carries out his sublime duties and who moves on the right path of the highest state of mental peace leading to the state of Bliss. Hindu Dharma has always remained an enigma in the minds of the people living in the West. Even the Hindus living in the distant shores have long since lost touch with the true essence of the Satya Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma. Today, the young modern generation of Hindus is puzzled and is seeking roots to their culture. With an inquisitive mind, they would like to ask many questions about Hindu Dharma. It intrigues them to find out as to - Who is a Hindu? What is Hindu Dharma? Why should a Hindu be proud of being a Hindu? Who is God? Where does God live? What He does and why is it necessary to worship God? This book is an answer to all these quetions.

Proud To Be American

 Proud To Be American Author Thomas R. Meinders
ISBN-10 9781450298742
Year 2011-02-28
Pages 204
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Together we can make a difference. The big corporations have millions to sponsor programs that benefit the rich and corporate structure in America. The American Citizens can band together and raise millions to support our policies. By uniting and presenting our ideas to the candidates we will not be alone. Each of us would be fighting a loosing battle but together we can become a force that they will have to respect and listen to. The American Citizens PAC will provide a complete listing of each and every one of the representatives in our government system. That will include the 535 members of Congress and the President. It will also include the representatives in each individual state so that everyone can be emailed with our opinions. If we decide to promote our policies instead of just saying to ourselves that our voice is only one and it will not make any difference. Together we can make a major difference. We can return the United States of America to the greatest country in the world and gain the respect of the world.

Why I Am So Proud to Be a Black Man

Why I Am So Proud to Be a Black Man Author Mr. Michael
ISBN-10 9781475979282
Year 2013-03
Pages 218
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

In the beginning, when God created the black man, He gave all his wisdom to his first creations without boundaries and fears. Unfortunately, for far too long, black men have been portrayed negatively in our society and by the daily rhetoric that surrounds us. In their comprehensive study compiled with facts, stories, and historical experiences, husband and wife team Mr. Michael and Ms. C illustrate to all black men that they should no longer feel degraded, but instead be bursting with pride about their heritage. Beginning with essays on life in Africa and the movement of the black man to the United States, Mr. Michael and Ms. C transition into issues concerning the contemporary African American community, providing a glimpse into the truth they hope will help black men gain a clearer vision of their race, others, and our planet. By encouraging black men to face racial hatred and demand respect, Mr. Michael and Ms. C lay a foundation intended to help all black men find the purpose of their existence. Also included are biographies of famous black men who overcame obstacles and changed the world. "Why I Am So Proud to Be a Black Man" shares the knowledge that can open the eyes, minds, and hearts of the African American community, enabling all to embrace God's first, primal purpose.

Proud To Be a Daughter of God

Proud To Be a Daughter of God Author Bonnie Christler Cox
ISBN-10 9781453536315
Year 2010-08-10
Pages 119
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

A simple ride to borrow a pickup from my family changed all the lives of our family in one short second. We were hit by a drunk driver and taken to the hospital. I had such extensive injuries that it was determined I should be flown by emergency helicopter to a hospital where a team of orthopedic surgeons would be waiting for me. Before I left, I was given a blessing and promised the Lord wanted to heal me quickly. Those words gave me strength. Once arriving at the hospital, I wanted to block it all out because it was too much for me to handle. I would talk to my loved ones coherently, but I didn't want to talk to anyone else. I closed my eyes and wanted to wake up after it was all over. A nurse finally got through to me that I'd die if I didn't cooperate with them, and I joined the fight. It took all my effort to simply stay alive. I found strength in Bible stories, my faith, and blessings. After many surgeries, I went from intense pain to discomfort. Then I had to face a depression that went from gentle tears and sobs to deep moans and groans. I could feel my baby's arms around my neck and heard him call for me, and I couldn't move. I saw my children and my husband and tears flowed nonstop. Finally, I was able to move again, and the depression faded almost instantly. I started moving my arms, and I progressed to be able to ring the nurse's buzzer. In the next few days, I sat up for the first time, stood up, and started taking steps with support. It wasn't an easy process. My muscles had completely atrophied. My head swirled, like being on a tilt-a-whirl. With the help of a physical therapist, I was walking with minimal support quickly. However, next I needed to put weight on my arms to get out of bed. Muscles were attached to scar tissue, and I'd get terrible cramps. It was like starting all over again, but with blessings and my physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon, who was never happy until he made me whole, I survived. I was told I'd be in the hospital six months to a year. I left short of two and a half months. I was very weak, but I was going home.

Proud to Be a Marine

Proud to Be a Marine Author C. Brian Kelly
ISBN-10 9781492636595
Year 2017-05-02
Pages 416
Language en
Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.

Behind one of the most celebrated military branches in America are the often little-known actions of its brave warriors. Proud to be a Marine amplifies the human voices amidst the cannon blasts and gun fire — from the American Revolution to modern day — and provides fresh insight that will inspire and excite those interested in the proud legacy of the Marines . . . This one of a kind collection includes: • Union Corporal John Mackie's historic rallying cry as he earned the first ever Medal of Honor for a Marine • The daring actions of Captain Bill Hawkins, the first Marine to step foot on Guadalcanal • ROTC Cadet Vernice Armour's inspiring rise from police officer to first African-American female combat pilot in the history of the United States Marines From the shores of Tripoli to the careful action against deadly IEDs in the Middle East, the anecdotal back stories of these upstanding Marines are proof they have always been ready, and always the "First to Fight."