Screening the City

Screening the City Author Mark Shiel
ISBN-10 1859846904
Year 2003
Pages 312
Language en
Publisher Verso

The city has long been an important location for filmmakers. Visually compelling and always modern, it is the perfect metaphor for man's place in the contemporary world. In this provocative collection of essays, films as diverse as The Man with the Movie Camera, Annie Hall, Street of Crocodiles, Boyz N the Hood, Three Colors Red, and Crash are examined in terms of the relationship between cinema and the changing urban experience in Europe and the United States since the early twentieth century. Peter Jelavich, for example, links the suppression of the creative, liberal Weimar Berlin in the 1931 film Berlin Alexanderplatz to the rise of the Nazi regime and the end of one of the great eras of modernist experimentation in German visual culture; Jessie Labov considers Kieslowski's treatment of the Warsaw housing blok in Dekalog in terms of Solidarity's strategy of resisting totalitarianism in 1980s Poland; Allan Siegel examines the motif of the city in a broad range of American and international cinema to demonstrate how film and society since the 1960s have been driven by the fading of mass political radicalism and the triumph of privatization and capital; Paula Massood uses the socially illuminating theories of Mikhail Bakhtin to examine the representation of the ghetto and urban underclass in recent African-American films such as Menace II Society; and Matthew Gandy examines the focus on disease in Todd Haynes's [Safe] as a metaphor for social and spatial breakdown in contemporary Los Angeles.

Screening The East

Screening The East Author Nick Hodgin
ISBN-10 9781782381358
Year 2013-08-15
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Berghahn Books

Screening the East considers German filmmakers’ responses to unification. In particular, it traces the representation of the East German community in films made since 1989 and considers whether these narratives challenge or reinforce the notion of a separate East German identity. The book identifies and analyses a large number of films, from internationally successful box-office hits, to lesser-known productions, many of which are discussed here for the first time. Providing an insight into the films’ historical and political context, it considers related issues such as stereotyping, racism, regional particularism and the Germans’ confrontation with the past.

Screening the Los Angeles Riots

Screening the Los Angeles  Riots Author Darnell M. Hunt
ISBN-10 0521578140
Year 1997-01-01
Pages 313
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Screening the Los Angeles 'Riots' explores the meanings one news organization found in the landmark events of 1992, as well as those made by fifteen groups of viewers in the events' aftermath. Combining ethnographic and experimental research, Darnell M. Hunt explores how race shapes both the construction of television news and viewers' understandings of it. In the process, he engages with longstanding debates about the power of television to shape our thoughts versus our ability to resist.

The Blade Runner Experience

The Blade Runner Experience Author Will Brooker
ISBN-10 9780231501798
Year 2012-05-15
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Columbia University Press

Since its release in 1982, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, has remained a cult classic through its depiction of a futuristic Los Angeles; its complex, enigmatic plot; and its underlying questions about the nature of human identity. The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic examines the film in a broad context, examining its relationship to the original novel, the PC game, the series of sequels, and the many films influenced by its style and themes. It investigates Blade Runner online fandom and asks how the film's future city compares to the present-day Los Angeles, and it revisits the film to pose surprising new questions about its characters and their world.

The Time of the City

The Time of the City Author Michael J Shapiro
ISBN-10 9781136977879
Year 2010-06-17
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Engaging with critical theory, poststructuralist perspectives, cultural studies, film theory and urban studies, the book provides stunning insights into the micropolitics of ethnicity, identity, security, subjectivity and sovereignty.

Screening the Face

Screening the Face Author P. Coates
ISBN-10 9781137012289
Year 2012-05-11
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Springer

Coates presents the face in film as a place where transformations begin, reflecting both the experience of modernity and such influential myths as that of Medusa. This is exemplified by a wide range of European and American films, including Ingmar Bergman's Persona .

Screening the Dark Side of Love

Screening the Dark Side of Love Author Karen A. Ritzenhoff
ISBN-10 9780230341548
Year 2012-09-25
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

This edited collection unpicks the ways in which love can be understood globally as a problematic and often violent transgression rather than the narrative of 'happy endings' that Classical Hollywood has offered. The contributors utilize varying methodologies of history, textual analysis, psychoanalytic models, and cultural critique and engage with films that have been made from the margins to the mainstream of cinema to explore issues surrounding gender identity and spectatorship.


Filmurbia Author David Forrest
ISBN-10 9781137531759
Year 2017-06-17
Pages 268
Language en
Publisher Springer

In this book, scholars from across the world explore the appearance, portrayal and significance of the suburb on film. By the mid-20th Century, supported by changes in transportation, suburbs became the primary location of entire national populations and films about the suburbs began to concertedly reflect those suburbs’ significance as well as their increasingly lively cultures! Suburbia very soon became filmurbia, as films of the suburbs and those made in the suburbs reflected both the positive and the negative aspects of burgeoning suburban life. Film-makers explored the existences of new suburbanites, their interests, their newly emerging neighbourhood practices, their foibles, their fantasies and their hopes. Whether depicting love, ambition, commerce, family, home or horror, whether traveling to or living in suburban spaces, whether exhibiting beauty, brazenness or brutality, the films of suburbia capture human life in all its diverse guises.

American Smart Cinema

American Smart Cinema Author Claire Perkins
ISBN-10 9780748654253
Year 2012-01-06
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Edinburgh University Press

American Smart Cinema examines a contemporary type of US filmmaking that exists at the intersection of mainstream, art and independent cinema and often gives rise to absurd, darkly comic and nihilistic effects. Connecting the 'smart' sensibility to issues of expressive irony, generational divide and therapeutic culture, this bold new book describes a recent critical tradition in commercial-independent American filmmaking by exploring the unstable tone and dysfunctional themes of such films as The Royal Tenenbaums, Adaptation, The Squid and the Whale, Palindromes, The Last Days of Disco, Flirt, Ghost World, Your Friends and Neighbors, Donnie Darko and The Savages. Acknowledging the loaded forms of expression employed by these films, American Smart Cinema provides new directions for their study by discussing the self-conscious approach taken to film historical discourses of authorship, narrative and genre. Examining the smart film's taste for 'blank' style and issues of middle-class identity, the book provides a comprehensive account of smart cinema as an aesthetic category while also considering the cultural and political factors that have guaranteed it critical and popular success.

Screening the Mafia

Screening the Mafia Author George S. Larke-Walsh
ISBN-10 0786456132
Year 2010-04-06
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher McFarland

The "post-classic" era of American gangster films began in 1967 with the release of Bonnie and Clyde, achieving a milestone five years later with the popular and highly influential The Godfather. This historical study explores the structure, myths and intertextual narratives found in the gangster films produced since The Godfather. The intense relationship between masculinity and ethnicity in the gangster film, especially within the movie-generated mythology of the Mafia, is carefully analyzed, and the book tracks the trends in the genre up to and including the landmark HBO televisio.

Aden and the Indian Ocean Trade

Aden and the Indian Ocean Trade Author Roxani Eleni Margariti
ISBN-10 9781469606712
Year 2012-09-01
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher UNC Press Books

Positioned at the crossroads of the maritime routes linking the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the Yemeni port of Aden grew to be one of the medieval world's greatest commercial hubs. Approaching Aden's history between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries through the prism of overseas trade and commercial culture, Roxani Eleni Margariti examines the ways in which physical space and urban institutions developed to serve and harness the commercial potential presented by the city's strategic location. Utilizing historical and archaeological methods, Margariti draws together a rich variety of sources far beyond the normative and relatively accessible legal rulings issued by Islamic courts of the time. She explores environmental, material, and textual data, including merchants' testimonies from the medieval documentary repository known as the Cairo Geniza. Her analysis brings the port city to life, detailing its fortifications, water supply, harbor, customs house, marketplaces, and ship-building facilities. She also provides a broader picture of the history of the city and the ways merchants and administrators regulated and fostered trade. Margariti ultimately demonstrates how port cities, as nodes of exchange, communication, and interconnectedness, are crucial in Indian Ocean and Middle Eastern history as well as Islamic and Jewish history.

Screening the Marquis de Sade

Screening the Marquis de Sade Author Lindsay Anne Hallam
ISBN-10 9780786488377
Year 2011-12-13
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher McFarland

Since its publication, the works of the Marquis de Sade have challenged the reading public with a philosophy of relentless physical transgression. This is the first book-length academic study by a single author that applies the philosophy of the Marquis de Sade to the analysis of a wide array of film texts. By employing Sade's controversial bodily-oriented philosophy within film analysis, this book provides a new understanding of notions of pain, pleasure, and the representation of the transgressive body in film. Whereas many analyses use theory to excuse and thus dilute the power of sexual an.

Screening the Stage

Screening the Stage Author Bert Cardullo
ISBN-10 3039110292
Year 2006
Pages 414
Language en
Publisher Peter Lang

This book examines the historical, cultural, and aesthetic relationships between theater and film. As we enter the 21st century, almost all artists, students, and critics working in theater will have had earlier and greater exposure to film than to theater. In fact, film has become central to the way in which we perceive and formulate stories, images, ideas, and sounds. At the same time, film and video occupy an increasingly significant place in theater study, both for the adaptation of plays and for the documentation and preservation of theatrical performances. Yet far too often theater and film artists, as well as educators, make the jump from one medium to the other without being fully aware of the ways in which the qualities of each medium affect content and artistic expression. This book is intended to fill such a gap by providing a theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the effect that film and drama have had, and continue to have, on each other's development. Moreover, this study provides a history of the relationship between drama and cinema, starting with the pre-cinematic, late 19th-century impulse towards capturing spectacular action on the stage and examining the artistic and commercial interaction between movies and plays, both in popular and experimental work, throughout the 20th century. Important subjects treated in this book include stage versus screen acting, the adaptation process itself, the theatrical as well as the cinematic avant-garde, and the « portability or adaptability of dramatic character.

Czech and Slovak Cinema Theme and Tradition

Czech and Slovak Cinema  Theme and Tradition Author Peter Hames
ISBN-10 9780748686834
Year 2009-05-31
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Edinburgh University Press

This book is the first study in English to examine some of the key themes and traditions of Czech and Slovak cinema, linking inter-war and post-war cinemas together with developments in the post-Communist period. It examines links between theme, genre, and visual style, and looks at the ways in which a range of styles and traditions has extended across different historical periods and political regimes. Czech and Slovak Cinema provides a unique study of areas of Central European film history that have not previously been examined in English.