The Antiquarian

The Antiquarian Author Gustavo Faverón Patriau
ISBN-10 9780802192851
Year 2014-06-03
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year A Best Book of the Summer: Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly An Amazon Best Book of the Month (Mystery, Thriller & Suspense) Three years have passed since Gustavo, a renowned psycholinguist, last spoke to his closest friend, Daniel, who has been interned in a psychiatric ward for murdering his fiancée. When Daniel unexpectedly calls to confess the truth behind the crime, Gustavo’s long buried fraternal loyalty resurfaces and draws him into the center of a quixotic investigation. While Daniel reveals his unsettling story using fragments of fables, novels, and historical allusions, Gustavo begins to retrace the past for clues: from their early college days exploring dust-filled libraries and exotic brothels to Daniel’s intimate attachment to his sickly younger sister and his dealings as a book collector. As the circumstances grow increasingly intricate, Gustavo is forced to deduce a sinister series of events from allegories that are more real than police reports and metaphors more revealing than evidence. With sumptuous prose and haunting imagery, Faverón Patriau has crafted an unforgettable, labyrinthine tale of murder, madness, and passion that is as entertaining as it is erudite and dark as it is illuminating.

The Antiquarian

The Antiquarian Author Julián Sánchez
ISBN-10 9781453263945
Year 2012-11-20
Pages 473
Language en
Publisher Open Road Media

In this gripping historical thriller, the search for a mysterious and powerful object hidden in the heart of Barcelona leads to ambition, desire, love—and murder An intriguing letter from his adoptive father, Artur, turns novelist Enrique Alonso’s world upside down. Artur, a well-known antiquarian in Barcelona, reveals that he has discovered an ancient manuscript, but he feels uneasy, as though he’s in over his head. But before Artur can piece together the final part of the puzzle, he is attacked and murdered. Enrique rushes to Barcelona to investigate his father’s death and retrieve the book. His ex-wife, Bety, a philologist, comes to his aid and the two set about translating and deciphering the encrypted text. Written in Latin and Old Catalan, the manuscript holds the key to the location of a priceless object dating back to the Middle Ages, and a secret closely guarded by the Jewish community living in the city’s Gothic Quarter. When Enrique and Bety realize they are not the only ones following the trail, it becomes a race against time to find the mythical object that has the power to transform lives.

Revolution and the Antiquarian Book

Revolution and the Antiquarian Book Author Kristian Jensen
ISBN-10 9781107000513
Year 2011-01-06
Pages 318
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Examines the late eighteenth-century preoccupation with the acquisition of old books, and the new historical discipline created by traders.

The Antiquarian

The Antiquarian Author Matthew Baca
ISBN-10 9780865347298
Year 2009
Pages 244
Language en
Publisher Sunstone Press

In 1692 a conquering army's march threatens to bring genocide to an ancient people and their culture. Can Carlos, riding as the Captain General's aide, and Sage, the granddaughter of a Tewa Indian leader, forestall a massacre and bring about peace and religious tolerance?

Lists of the Antiquarian Remains in the Presidency of Madras

Lists of the Antiquarian Remains in the Presidency of Madras Author Robert Sewell
ISBN-10 9781446000991
Year 2010-05
Pages 402
Language en
Publisher Detzer Press

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Antiquarian Chronicles

The Antiquarian Chronicles Author Jerry Watson
ISBN-10 9781606965399
Year 2009-05
Pages 332
Language en
Publisher Jerry Watson

In "The Antiquarian Chronicles," Lee Styles, a young, wealthy antiques dealer from Charleston, and his attractive research assistant, Jennifer Aquilon, use a combination of Lee's unique visions and Jennifer's thorough investigative skills to trace the history of a valuable, one-of-a-kind rifle from the Civil War era. An air of superstition and bad luck hangs around the rifle as Lee and Jennifer uncover more and more of its past, finding out that it might have once been used as a murder weapon. Lee's and Jennifer's budding feelings of romance contend with their desire to focus on their work as they traverse the country together, tracking the rifle's historically rich trail through the late 1800s and early 1900s, all the way up to the present day. Author Jerry Watson has crafted a suspenseful and riveting tale in "The Antiquarian Chronicles" that will appeal to lovers of history and antiques, and even some hopeless romantics.