The Art of Prosecution

The Art of Prosecution Author John Bugliosi
ISBN-10 9781889031347
Year 2000
Pages 372
Language en
Publisher Looseleaf Law Publications

A priceless powerhouse of prosecutorial guidance! Learn to solidify cases every step of the way, from the first swing of the judge's gavel to the last. Perfect for practicing prosecutors, law enforcement pros who provide the elements that help win cases and everyone in between...including law students! You'll get analyses of 5 top attributes of successful prosecutors - instruction for crafting compelling opening statements & jury-swaying summations - insider tips for selecting the right jury - advice for using questions with surgical precision to dissect testimony and reveal truth - plus case-winning witness prep instructions!

Media and Criminal Justice the CSI Effect

Media and Criminal Justice  the CSI Effect Author Dennis J. Stevens
ISBN-10 9781449643881
Year 2011-04-19
Pages 380
Language en
Publisher Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Media and Criminal Justice: The CSI Effect illustrates how media coverage and television programs inform the public s perception of criminal justice. The CSI Effect can be characterized as the phenomenon whereby fiction is mistaken for reality and the assumption that all criminal cases can be solved through the employment of hi-tech forensic science such as crime scene investigation and DNA testing as depcited on television crime shows. This text provides broad, balanced, and comprehensive coverage of timely events in CSI, prosecutors, and wrongful convictions. The author explores some common misconceptions and helps readers towards a critical analysis of the information they see in the media and entertainment."

Prosecution Principles

Prosecution Principles Author George R. Dekle
ISBN-10 0314184449
Year 2007
Pages 387
Language en
Publisher Thomson West

This handbook explores every aspect of the prosecutor's multiple roles, relating them to commonly encountered real-world situations, and giving pragmatic guidance for dealing with those situations. It investigates the history, theory, and philosophy of prosecution and provides the student with a conceptual framework for employing sound techniques of ethical prosecutorial advocacy. By looking at each stage of the criminal prosecution from the unique vantage point of the prosecutor, it enables students to receive maximum benefit from the clinical setting and prepares them for the efficient discharge of their duties as entry level prosecutors.

Diary of a DA

Diary of a DA Author Herbert Stern
ISBN-10 9781620876749
Year 2012-09-01
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

In 1961, twenty-five-year-old Herbert Jay Stern, fresh from reserve duty, stood in his green army uniform in a New York County courtroom to be sworn in as an attorney. He could only guess what his life as a prosecuting lawyer would be. A dozen years later, in the wake of the national scandal of Watergate, Stern, draped in black robes now, would take the oath of office as a federal judge. In the years between, the idealistic young Stern would sharpen his skills in the realities of the criminal courts of New York City, to emerge as the lead trial attorney for the Justice Department, charged with breaking the back of organized crime in New Jersey. Stern’s highly charged account of his outright war against powerful state government officials and the mafia takes us deep inside the mechanisms of law and order during a time when assassinations came fast and loose, cities were burning in race riots, and racketeering and graft were so prevalent in the Garden State that its own senator called it a “stench in the nostrils and an offense to the vision of the world.” Before Stern and his equally dedicated colleagues on the “strike force” out of Washington, D.C., are finished, they will have successfully prosecuted the mayors of Jersey City, Newark, and Atlantic City for being on the take; a congressman for conspiracy, tax violations, and perjury; and blackened the eye of organized crime.

The Best Story Wins

The Best Story Wins Author John Bobo
ISBN-10 1932056955
Year 2010-01-01
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Tower Publishing Company

Real advice for new & experienced prosecutors from an author that has lived the District Attorney's life.

The New Dictionary of Legal Terms

The New Dictionary of Legal Terms Author Irving Shapiro
ISBN-10 9780930137014
Year 1984
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Looseleaf Law Publications

Designed for practitioners, paralegals, legal secretaries, court officials, law enforcement agents and law students in need of a quick and direct answer when seeking the meaning of a word. Includes federally approved criminal justice data terminology.

The Reluctant Prosecutor

The Reluctant Prosecutor Author Creight C. Horton, 2nd
ISBN-10 1943190038
Year 2016-02-01
Pages 336
Language en

As a college student unsure what he wanted to do with his life, Creighton stumbled into the student union building one night, where they were screening the movie To Kill a Mockingbird. Inspired by the portrayal of Atticus Finch, he decided to go to law school to become a defense attorney, but after graduation his career took an unanticipated turn. This is the story of Creighton's personal journey through the criminal justice system, with some fascinating twists and turns, striking ethical challenges, and some unforgettable characters. Along the way, you'll read about bombings, murders, political intrigue, public corruption, religious fanatics, imperious and eccentric judges, capital cases, con men, overreaching cops, venal public officials, and innocent people convicted of crimes they didn't commit.

Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology

Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology Author Linda L. Klepinger
ISBN-10 9780470007716
Year 2006-06-23
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

An essential foundation for the practice of forensic anthropology This text is the first of its level written in more than twenty years. It serves as a summary and guide to the core material that needs to be mastered and evaluated for the practice of forensic anthropology. The text is divided into three parts that collectively provide a solid base in theory and methodology: Part One, "Background Setting for Forensic Anthropology," introduces the field and discusses the role of forensic anthropology in historic context. Part Two, "Towards Personal Identification," discusses initial assessments of skeletal remains; determining sex, age, ancestral background, and stature; and skeletal markers of activity and life history. Part Three, "Principal Anthropological Roles in Medical-Legal Investigation," examines trauma; the postmortem period; professionalism, ethics, and the expert witness; and genetics and DNA. The critical and evaluative approach to the primary literature stresses the inherent biological constraints on degrees of precision and certainty, and cautions about potential pitfalls. The practical focus, coupled with theoretical basics, make Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology ideal for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in biological anthropology as well as forensic scientists in allied fields of medical-legal investigation.

No Higher Calling No Greater Responsibility

No Higher Calling  No Greater Responsibility Author John W. Suthers
ISBN-10 9781555918934
Year 2016-11-16
Pages 182
Language en
Publisher Fulcrum Publishing

"A balanced critique of the justice system."—Steven Carter, former Indiana attorney generalDemystifying the powerful role of public prosecutors in the United States, John Suthers draws on more than thirty years’ experience as a prosecutor in his exploration of this public office, even tackling some controversial calls for reform.