The Condominium Concept

The Condominium Concept Author Peter Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561647179
Year 2014-11-01
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

A practical and popular guide to operating a successful condominium association in Florida. Working tool with forms and references to the latest Florida Statutes. For officers, owners, realtors, attorneys and directors.

New Neighborhoods

New Neighborhoods Author Gary Poliakoff
ISBN-10 9781934572184
Year 2009
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group

A consumers' guide discusses buying and living in a condo or home that is part of a co-op or association community, detailing rights and responsibilities, how associations operate, and the legal and social aspects of community living.

The Encyclopedia of Housing Second Edition

The Encyclopedia of Housing  Second Edition Author Andrew T. Carswell
ISBN-10 9781412989572
Year 2012-06-13
Pages 872
Language en
Publisher SAGE

The second edition of the Encyclopedia of Housing has been updated to reflect the significant changes in the market that make the landscape of the industry so different today, and includes articles from a fresh set of scholars who have contributed to the field over the past twelve years.

The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations

The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561645591
Year 2012
Pages 174
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

An updated guide to laws and recommended operating procedures for homeowners associations, cross-referenced to Florida statutes, includes guidelines for meetings and voting, budget and finances, and rights and responsibilities of the association and its members. Original.

The Homeowners Association Manual

The Homeowners Association Manual Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561644234
Year 2008-03-30
Pages 159
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

* Single-family Subdivisions * Townhouse and Cluster Developments * Mobile Homeowners Associations * Master Community Associations A homeowners association is designed to preserve the common welfare and the property values of the community. In a properly operated community, it does. In a poorly run community, it does not. The proper operating procedures are not difficult, but they are often overlooked or misunderstood. This manual provides a step-by-step explanation of the requirements for meetings, membership voting, and the necessary parliamentary procedures. It serves as a guide to help ensure that the association carries out its responsibilities fairly and effectively. You will learn: * the concept and purpose of a homeowners association * the rights and responsibilities of individual owners * how to run effective meetings * what documents you need for meetings * the rules of procedure and proper decorum * the role of the board of directors * the role of committees * how to set a budget and deal with finances and insurance * how to amend and enforce documents In addition to the comprehensive text, there are twenty-eight forms and sample documents--all you need to run an effective homeowners association.

Resident Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives

Resident Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives Author Peter M. Dunbar
ISBN-10 1561647268
Year 2014-11-01
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Pineapple PressInc

A helpful and practical tool for leaders of residential cooperatives in Florida. It is the only complete guide to their operations and management, and it gives special attention to the unique components of mobile home cooperatives.

Climbing Mount Laurel

Climbing Mount Laurel Author Douglas S. Massey
ISBN-10 9781400846047
Year 2013-07-21
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

Under the New Jersey State Constitution as interpreted by the State Supreme Court in 1975 and 1983, municipalities are required to use their zoning authority to create realistic opportunities for a fair share of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households. Mount Laurel was the town at the center of the court decisions. As a result, Mount Laurel has become synonymous with the debate over affordable housing policy designed to create economically integrated communities. What was the impact of the Mount Laurel decision on those most affected by it? What does the case tell us about economic inequality? Climbing Mount Laurel undertakes a systematic evaluation of the Ethel Lawrence Homes--a housing development produced as a result of the Mount Laurel decision. Douglas Massey and his colleagues assess the consequences for the surrounding neighborhoods and their inhabitants, the township of Mount Laurel, and the residents of the Ethel Lawrence Homes. Their analysis reveals what social scientists call neighborhood effects--the notion that neighborhoods can shape the life trajectories of their inhabitants. Climbing Mount Laurel proves that the building of affordable housing projects is an efficacious, cost-effective approach to integration and improving the lives of the poor, with reasonable cost and no drawbacks for the community at large.

Before They Were the Black Sheep

Before They Were the Black Sheep Author Carl Owen Dunbar
ISBN-10 0813037255
Year 2011
Pages 305
Language en

Wartime letters of a New Englander's journey from innocence to elite fighter squadron pilot "A must-read for young Navy and Marine Corps officers as they enter aviation training."-- Lt. Gen. Robert F. Milligan, U.S. Marine Corps (retired) "An intriguing look at Marine aviation in World War II by a sensitive and intelligent pilot; few narratives provide as much insight into the intensely personal feelings of a pilot in combat."--Walter Boyne, author of The Influence of Air Power upon History "Offers a compelling look into the world of a young man who left the comfort of civilian life to become a pilot in one of the best known combat fighter squadrons of the Pacific War. Lt. Carl O. Dunbar Jr.'s letters home remind us of the personal side of the Second World War."--Michael H. Creswell, author of A Question of Balance Before the Marine Fighting Squadron VMF-214 became known as the Black Sheep squadron led by "Pappy" Boyington, this air group was already flying missions from Guadalcanal. Commissioned in 1942, the squadron was originally known as "The Swashbucklers." Lt. Carl Dunbar was one of the squadron's original pilots, and his letters home describe the training and living conditions he faced as a Marine in the Pacific theater during the early years of World War II. Dunbar ultimately flew eighty-two missions during the Solomon campaign, and this volume includes his private logbook. Like many veterans, after returning to the United States Dunbar rarely spoke about his wartime service. Only after his death did his son Peter discover this trove of material, and his commentary provides context for each of his father's letters. Both personal and universal, this volume offers a glimpse of what life was like for a man with a great sense of loyalty and compassion caught up in the war of his generation. Peter M. Dunbar is a lawyer and partner with the Tallahassee-based firm of Pennington, Moore, Wilkinson, Bell and Dunbar and serves as an adjunct professor of law at Florida State University.

Taxpayer s Comprehensive Guide to LLCs and S Corps

Taxpayer s Comprehensive Guide to LLCs and S Corps Author Jason Watson
ISBN-10 9780990763291
Year 2014-09-03
Pages 136
Language en
Publisher Watson CPA Group

How can I avoid self-employment taxes? This simple question was the inspiration for creating an article describing the benefits of an S Corporation. That original article, which was about four pages long, quickly became a series of KnowledgeBase articles on the Watson CPA Group website. The articles touched on basic topics such as how to elect S Corp status, payroll, reasonable salary determination, retirement planning, health care, fringe benefits and liability protection. Those broad topics demanded much more information, both horizontally by spanning into more related issues, and vertically by digging deeper into the granular yet riveting levels of the tax code. The articles were grouped and relabeled as the Taxpayer’s Comprehensive Guide to LLCs and S Corps which grew to 39 pages in its first edition. Time marched on, and more information was added to the first edition such as expanded retirement planning concerns, health care options after the Affordable Care Act and business valuations including exit strategies. Boom, we now had our second edition at over 100 pages. At that point it was suggested by some clients and colleagues to convert the PDF into an eBook as well as paperback. So here we are.. Each week we receive several phone calls and emails from small business owners across the country who have read our Taxpayer’s Comprehensive Guide to LLCs and S Corps and praised the wealth of information. Regardless of your current situation, whether you are considering starting your own business or entertaining a contracting gig, or you are an experienced business owner, the contents of this book are for you. This book will show you how to reduce your self-employment taxes through an S Corporation election and how to use your corporation to your retirement and fringe benefit advantage. You will also learn the operational considerations of an S Corp plus the 185 reasons you should NOT elect S Corp status. Want to buy or sell a business? That’s in here too. This book is written with the general taxpayer in mind. Too many resources simply regurgitate complex tax code without explanation. While in some cases tax code and court opinions are duplicated verbatim because of the precise words, this book strives to explain many technical concepts in layperson terms with some added humor and opinions. We believe you will find this book educational as well as amusing.

Introduction to Business Statistics

Introduction to Business Statistics Author Ronald M. Weiers
ISBN-10 9781111792374
Year 2010-03-17
Pages 896
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

Highly praised for its exceptional clarity, technical accuracy, and useful examples, Weiers' INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS, Seventh Edition, introduces fundamental statistical concepts with an engaging, conversational presentation and a strong emphasis on the practical relevance of course material to students' lives and careers. The text's outstanding illustrations, friendly language, non-technical terminology, and current examples involving real-world business and personal settings will capture students' interest and prepare them for success from day one. Continuing cases, contemporary business applications, and more than 300 new or revised exercises and problems reflect important trends and the latest developments in today's dynamic business environment -- all with an accuracy you and your students can trust. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.