The Kids Campfire Book

The Kids Campfire Book Author Jane Drake
ISBN-10 1550745395
Year 1998
Pages 128
Language en

Offers tips and advice on camping, discussing such topics as selecting wood for campfires, cooking on an open fire, interacting with wildlife and insects, and viewing the night sky.

Wild with Child

Wild with Child Author Jennifer Bove
ISBN-10 9781932361872
Year 2010
Pages 222
Language en
Publisher Travelers' Tales

"Kids are natural born adventurers, just itching to get outside. Open the door and follow them out." - from the Foreword Are you eager to set off with your family into the great outdoors, where wild weather, rugged roads, and creepy critters sometimes call the shots? The families in this rough-and-ready collection of true stories do just that. Whether they are just starting on the path of wild parenting or looking back at the trail taken, they don't accept Disneyland as the final frontier. Join them for adventures that range from braving a mountaintop windstorm to exploring underground. Shoulder your pack, take your child's hand, and get ready to forge family ties under wild open skies.

Verdammte Schei e schlaf ein

Verdammte Schei  e  schlaf ein Author Adam Mansbach
ISBN-10 9783832185893
Year 2011-08-18
Pages 32
Language de
Publisher Dumont Buchverlag

Wer Kinder hat, weiß, dass Kuscheltiere und eine Gute-Nacht-Geschichte nicht immer helfen. Allzu oft bleibt ›Schlaf, Kindchen, schlaf‹ ein frommer Wunsch. Dann hockt man auf der Bettkante und könnte – bei aller Liebe – heulen vor Wut. ›Verdammte Scheiße, schlaf ein!‹ zeigt die ungeschminkte Wahrheit und ist dabei so komisch, dass man sich die Verzweiflung von der Seele lacht. »Muss noch immer lachen und weinen – ein scheißgutes Buch.« Julia Franck

The Jewish Family Fun Book

The Jewish Family Fun Book Author Danielle Dardashti
ISBN-10 9781580233330
Year 2008
Pages 277
Language en
Publisher Jewish Lights Publishing

This celebration of Jewish family life is the perfect guide for families wanting to put a new Jewish spin on holidays, holy days, and even the everyday. Full of activities, games, and history, it is sure to inspire parents, children, and extended family to connect with Judaism in fun, creative ways.

Rusty Wilson s Favorite Bigfoot Campfire Stories

Rusty Wilson s Favorite Bigfoot Campfire Stories Author Rusty Wilson
ISBN-10 9780965596121
Year 2011-10-01
Pages 242
Language en
Publisher Yellow Cat Publishing

Another great book from Rusty Wilson, Bigfoot expert and storyteller. This is the third print book in Rusty's collection of Bigfoot campfire stories, tales for both the Bigfoot believer and those who just enjoy a good story! This book is a compilation of three of Rusty's ebooks ("Ten Intense Bigfoot Campfire Stories," "Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories," and "Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories") for those of you without ereaders or who just want them in print. Flyfishing guide Rusty Wilson spent years collecting these stories from his clients around the campfire, stories guaranteed to scare the pants off you - or make you want to meet the Big Guy! Come read about a territorial Bigfoot guarding a cave high in the Colorado mountains - a group of mountain bikers being stalked on a remote ride - a Bigfoot who's tired of tourists - a night hike gone astray - the weather forecasting Bigfoot - a woman who finds definitive proof of the existence of Bigfoot - and the kids who witness a Bigfoot picnic - all great campfire tales - but be careful, as sleep will elude you... "I think those who are fortunate enough to see Bigfoot may not realize their good luck-but they are truly blessed to have had a connection with another species that may be as smart as humans, even if it did scare the pants off them." -Rusty Wilson 6 by 9 inches

Coco der neugierige Affe

Coco der neugierige Affe Author Hans Augusto Rey
ISBN-10 3257008163
Year 1999
Pages 44
Language en

Coco folgt einem Urwaldtouristen in dessen grossstädtische Heimat, wo das vorwitzige Äffchen vieles durcheinanderbringt ... (ab 4).

Camping Activity Book for Families

Camping Activity Book for Families Author Linda Hamilton
ISBN-10 9781493013357
Year 2016-04-15
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Camping Activity Book for Families offers up a wide variety of activities, games, crafts, songs, and good old-fashioned fun for parents and children to share in the wonders of the outdoors. Whether it’s creating pinecone art and giant nests or going on nature-themed scavenger hunts, observing the night sky, or playing flashlight tag at the campground, this book gets the whole family engaged in everything outdoors. With age-specific recommendations, activity suggestions for parents, family conversation starter sidebars, and kids-only tips, this book has fun activities for every minute and every age group.

Classic Campfire Stories

Classic Campfire Stories Author M. W. D. Forgey
ISBN-10 9781493029105
Year 2017-08-01
Pages 392
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Need a good scary story to tell to youngsters—or to anyone, young or old, who wants a little fright before going off to sleep in the great outdoors? Nothing goes better with gooey s’mores and a glowing campfire than a good ghost story, and this collection of Doc Forgey’s best scary classics and frightening folktales will send shivers up anyone’s spine. Classic Campfire Stories includes forty classic stories of adventures and ghosts, all fun and easy to remember and retell. Read about: The Valley of the Blue Mist The Human Hand La Cucaracha Mine The Partner The Mackenzie River Ghost The Death of the Old Lion The Ice Walker only in 1985 version The Message The Haunting of the House on the Ridge

Cooking on a Stick

Cooking on a Stick Author Linda White
ISBN-10 0879057270
Year 1996
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith Publishers

Gives instructions for preparing two dozen foods while outdoors. Includes safety guidelines and basic campfire instructions.

Der englische Patient

Der englische Patient Author Michael Ondaatje
ISBN-10 3937793224
Year 2004
Pages 313
Language de

Der Zufall verschlägt 4 Menschen unterschiedlichster Herkunft gegen Ende des 2. Weltkrieges in eine zerbombte Villa in der Toskana und verbindet sie zu einer Notgemeinschaft.