Un American Acts

Un American Acts Author Charles Lowery
ISBN-10 9789463003285
Year 2015-12-18
Pages 139
Language en
Publisher Springer

Un-American Acts focuses on identity and invisibility of African American and other underrepresented youth in the U.S. society and schooling. Presented are a series of chapters rooted in critical theory, aesthetics, and moral imagination that are intended to serve as prompts for crucial conversations and for engaging in critical reflective pedagogy in educational leadership and educational studies. Chapters center on events that have transpired in Ferguson, Staten Island, South Carolina, and elsewhere in the U.S. as well as on other relevant concerns that have had a profound impact on perceptions of race and identity in our nation’s educational systems.

The American Way

The American Way Author Mark Fennell
ISBN-10 9780595310388
Year 2004-03-01
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

In order for America to remain a wonderful place, we must continually teach the keys of America's greatness. More than just a civics book or a collection of quotes, The American Way teaches all aspects of American culture and all the keys to America's greatness. This book explains these concepts in such a way that anyone can understand, regardless of age or background. Although teaching the American tradition is not necessarily new, writing and teaching on this subject has been weak in the past thirty years. America is not teaching civics anymore, nor does America teach proper history. In addition, many immigrants do not properly understand America. This book exists to fill that void. If you understand America, then you can use this book to help teach those who don't understand. If you have not been taught properly about America, then this book may open your eyes. If you want other nations to have what we have, then sharing this book with people of other nations will assist them in understanding the keys to our success. Regardless of your particular circumstances, if you want greater personal success and better communities, then you should learn and share The American Way.

Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience Author Mary Ellen Snodgrass
ISBN-10 9781317474418
Year 2015-04-08
Pages 800
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This comprehensive A-Z encyclopedia provides a wealth of information on people, places, actions, and events that defied the law to focus attention on an issue or cause. It covers the causes and actions of activists across the political spectrum from colonial times to the present, and includes political, social economic, environmental, and a myriad of other issues.

Muslim Americans

Muslim Americans Author Nahid Afrose Kabir
ISBN-10 9781315517247
Year 2016-08-12
Pages 244
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

"With Islamophobia on the rise in the US rise since 9/11, Muslims remain the most misunderstood people in American society. Taking as its point of departure the question of the compatibility of Islam and democracy, this book examines Muslims' sense of belonging in American society. Based on extensive interview data across seven states in the US, the author explores the question of what it means to be American or un-American amongst Muslims, offering insights into common views of community, culture and wider society. Through a combination of interviewees' responses and discourse analysis of print media, Muslim Americans also raises the question of whether media coverage of the issue might itself be considered 'un-American.' An empirically grounded study of race and faith-based relations, this book undertakes a rigorous questioning of what it means to be American in the contemporary US. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology and political science with interests in race, ethnicity, religion and national identity"--Provided by publisher.


Hearings Author United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities
ISBN-10 UOM:39015024052311
Year 1958
Language en

UnAmerican The Resident s Story and Our Country s Last Chapter

UnAmerican  The Resident s Story and Our Country s Last Chapter Author James Rogers_
ISBN-10 9780997440911
Year 2016-04-03
Pages 316
Language en
Publisher Lulu.com

An American understands the United States was not built overnight and may never be a completed project. Formed to ensure that ?life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? is cherished and protected, the journey over hundreds of years isn?t complete and it?s their responsibility to leave it to the next generation in an improved state. But there has been relentless progress over the past century to overturn the American Revolution. The Progressive movement has been able to take control of the levers of power in the Federal Government, and is now in position to deal its final blow.

Beyond the Huddled Masses

Beyond the Huddled Masses Author Kristofer Allerfeldt
ISBN-10 1845110447
Year 2006-04-30
Pages 260
Language en
Publisher I.B.Tauris

The attempt to foist idealistic interventionism on a nation reeling from war, driven by strikes, terrorised by bomb-throwing radicals and anticipating a huge upsurge in immigration, was bound to provoke an isolationist backlash against those foreigners held responsible for these assaults on American values."--Jacket.

Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties

Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties Author Paul Finkelman
ISBN-10 9781135947057
Year 2013-11-07
Pages 2304
Language en
Publisher Routledge

An encyclopedia on American history and law, this work examines the issues of civil liberties and their relevance to major events. It also provides a historical context and a philosophical discussion of the evolution of civil liberties. It covers aspects, including the traditional civil liberties: freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition.

Un Democratic Acts

Un Democratic Acts Author Charles Lowery
ISBN-10 9789463007238
Year 2016-10-26
Pages 182
Language en
Publisher Springer

In Un-Democratic Acts: New Departures for Dialogues in Society and Schools, the focus is on ideals of democracy and democratic leadership to promote passionate debate, critical thinking, and change. Each chapter utilizes the unique voice and experiences of the author to tackle topics that are often taboo and/or politicized for ratings or votes but seldom for progress and change. Rather than continuing the circular course of back and forth arguments whose beginning and end points are the same, the authors utilize their voice to invoke change and focus on solutions. While each chapter takes on a life of its own, the collective work embodies the purpose and challenge that today’s leadership faces from a variety of perspectives. Most importantly these concepts are intended to create dissonance and divergence, a moving away from the typical and usual ways of doing, to break down the status quo thinking that dominates the related fields of academia and schooling. Do we accept the status quo and work to find our niche within the system? Or, do we hold ourselves and others accountable to truly honor the founding principles of freedom and equality for all as professed in the United States Constitution? In Un-Democratic Acts: New Departures for Dialogues in Society and Schools, the editors create a space in which imagining the possibility of a democratic and just society where all individuals are truly respected and treated fairly is the American way.

Un American Activities

Un American Activities Author Gary May
ISBN-10 9780195049800
Year 1994-06-09
Pages 393
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

In 1948, William Remington was one of the bright young men in the Truman administration. But in 1954, he was assassinated in his jail cell by a team of inmates in a high-security Federal prison. Here is the story of intrigue, injustice, government corruption and anti-Communist hysteria that led to Remington's demise. 15 halftones.

The End of Victory Culture

The End of Victory Culture Author Tom Engelhardt
ISBN-10 155849586X
Year 2007
Pages 387
Language en
Publisher Univ of Massachusetts Press

In a substantial new afterword to his classic account of the collapse of American triumphalism in the wake of World War II, Tom Engelhardt carries that story into the twenty-first century. He explores how, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the younger George Bush headed for the Wild West (Osama bin Laden, Wanted, Dead or Alive); how his administration brought victory culture roaring back as part of its Global War on Terror and its rush to invade Saddam Hussein's Iraq; and how, from its Mission Accomplished moment on, its various stories of triumph crashed and burned in that land.

Containing un American Bodies

Containing  un American Bodies Author Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo
ISBN-10 9789042030244
Year 2010-01
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher Rodopi

¿The authors argue that queer, black, brown, and foreign bodies, and the so-called threats they represent, such as immigration reform and same-sex marriage, have been effectively linked with terrorism. These awful conflations¿ are enduring and help to explain the contradictions of contemporary U.S. politics. We are far from a post post-9/11 world.¿ Ronald R. Sundstrom, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, The University of San Francisco, United States ¿If you want to understand how a new biopolitics of citizenship is containing bodies of the nation by re-inscribing sex and race into it and how this new biopolitics is being resisted you must read this book.¿ Engin F. Isin, Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, The Open University, United Kingdom