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New Home, New Nursery

richfield nursery collageWhen we moved into our new home at the end of March, Lily’s room was the first to get some new paint. The nursery we brought her home from the hospital to had beautiful grey walls, but we decided a cheery orange would be a fun color great for transitioning from nursery to big girl room (someone hold me, my baby is almost a toddler). I love the how bright and fun her room feels now.

All of the major furniture pieces transitioned from her Walls By Mur. I love how playful they are.  Lily’s favorite addition is her library corner. My crafty mother-in-law made the adorable “Lilja’s Library” banners for my book themed baby shower and I had tucked them away as a memento  I stumbled across them when I was unpacking Lily’s things and just had to get them up in her room. With the added colors that the banners bring in to the room, the rug we’ve had for years and intended to use in the guest room suddenly tied in with the colors of the nursery. We fondly refer to it as Lily’s grass–whenever I vacuum in there Jerome asks Lily if Mama mowed her lawn today.

We love playing with Lily in this space and are really happy with how warm it turned out.

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Drumming Up a Storm

Make Some Noise

Every new thing she does seems like the most brag-worthy happening. This little girl is constantly making us laugh and shake our heads in amazement. Almost 10 months is a pretty fun age. For example–Saturday morning drum sessions.

Six Months Already?

Our little Lily will be 6 month’s old on March 9th and while we can hardly believe it has already been six whole months–it feels like her little smiles have always been a part of our lives!


Our friend Stacey of D and F Photography took these beautiful pictures for us last weekend at the Walker Conservatory. I love that we will have these to look back on forever!

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Saturday Morning Bagels

Saturday mornings (when I don’t have to work) are the best.

Our last apartment in Denver was only a few blocks from Panera and Starbucks. Somewhere along the line my lovely husband fell into a really sweet habit of getting us bagels and coffee every Saturday morning. When we moved back to Minnesota, he kept up the tradition. With so many other changes in our life–new state, new baby, new place to stay until we find our house, new job–there is something grounding about carrying over such a simple tradition. Its about more than just the bagels.

We made an offer on a house yesterday afternoon–fingers crossed we get it. It is the perfect little house for our family. Jerome pointed out right away that there is a Panera and Starbucks within walking distance.

I think its a sign that it is meant to be.

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The joy that her laughter brings stops me in my tracks.

Fake sneezes. Raspberries. Hair tickles. Funny noises. Kisses. Crazy dance moves. My shame is out the window–I will do anything to make that little girl share one of her precious giggles. She is stingy with them. They are a special gift she has shared only with a dedicated and inventive few.

As she giggled with glee tonight, I found myself  wondering how can this vibrant little girl be five months old already? And promised myself that I would strive to write down as many moments as I can.

Her laughter is writing my life.

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Little Lily

My sweet Lily is one week old today. Our world is unimaginably sweeter. She is absolutely perfect. Born 9/9 at 8:30 pm she was 8 lbs 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

I am so in love.


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